Do Fake IDs Work in Vegas?

Do fake IDs work in Vegas? No, in Las Vegas, they check fake IDs, so don’t bother presenting one. Las Vegas is a hotspot for parties, liquors, and gambling. However, they are strict when it comes to restricting people who are under 21. Using a fake ID in Vegas is not the best move. The security in casinos and resorts is tight, and they know a fake ID when they see one. In Vegas, if you’re caught with a fake, it’s a fraud, and you could end up with fines or even in jail.

So, if you are heading to Vegas and are tempted to use a fake ID, hang on and read more about why that’s a risky idea. You need to understand why it’s not smart to use a fake ID in Vegas, whether it ever works, and what can happen if you’re caught with one.


Do Fake IDs Work in Vegas?

Do Fake IDs Work in Vegas

Whether fake IDs work in Las Vegas isn’t a straightforward matter. If you are trying to use one to buy alcohol or get into clubs along the strip, you might succeed, especially if you look old enough. However, this can be tough if you naturally have a baby face. You need to know all the details on the ID by heart, especially if it’s from a state different from where you live.


Invest in a quality fake ID. It should feel right, have the correct holographic elements, and be scannable. If you’re in a group, it’s suspicious if everyone else’s ID is from one place and yours is from somewhere else. Confidence is key; act as if you have done this many times. It tends to be easier for females, and blending into a larger group heading to a club can help you avoid scrutiny.

However, when it comes to gambling, using a fake ID is a no-go. The casinos are very serious about checking IDs, and getting caught will lead to legal trouble. I’ve seen it myself; even at 26, with a real ID from Alaska, I get checked thoroughly at casinos. They take their time and run checks to confirm identities, so attempting to gamble with a fake ID is risky and could end up with serious consequences.

Can I Use My Fake ID in Las Vegas?

Everywhere in Las Vegas, including bars and clubs, they check IDs. They don’t just look and let you go; they’re trained to spot the fakes. This isn’t like your hometown—Vegas plays by its own rules.

In Vegas, the doormen checking IDs have seen so many, and are good at spotting the fakes. So trying to slip by with a fake ID is pretty risky. In the state of Nevada, using a fake ID to seem over 21 and buy alcohol, get into clubs, or gamble is against the law—it’s a misdemeanor.


Getting caught with a fake ID can land you in jail. For misdemeanors like this in the United States, you could be looking at 6 to 12 months behind bars. If you are using someone else’s ID as if it’s yours, that’s fraud too, which could also lead to jail time.

How Strict is Vegas About Fake IDs?

Do Fake IDs Work in Vegas

Vegas is really strict about fake IDs. You might think you will get lucky and get in somewhere, but it’s impossible to know for sure, and it’s just not worth it. Chances are, you’ll just be sent away at the door, which is honestly the best thing that could happen if you are using a fake.

If the whole point of your trip is to drink and gamble, it’s smarter to just wait until you turn 21 to visit Vegas. You can then get into all the places you want without any trouble or risks of getting caught.

Do They Scan IDs in Vegas Casinos?

Do Fake IDs Work in Vegas

Yes, they scan IDs in Vegas casinos. In Las Vegas, casinos take the checking of IDs very seriously. Whether you are heading into a casino, club, bar, or tavern, if you are not from the U.S., you might be asked to show a passport as your identification.

Trying to sneak into Vegas clubs or casinos with a fake ID can lead to trouble. Big-name places such as Hakkasan are equipped with high-security measures such as ID scanners. Even if some have slipped through with a fake ID, the odds are high that you could be caught, and the penalties can be severe. Casinos aren’t just strict about ID when it comes to gambling; they require proper ID simply to enter.

In Las Vegas, a lot of places just look at your ID, but some have scanners that can detect a fake one right away. If you try to use a fake ID at one of these places, it probably won’t scan, and you could end up feeling embarrassed or getting into legal trouble.

What Happens if You Get Caught with a Fake ID in Vegas?

Many casinos in Vegas use facial recognition technology. Getting caught with a fake ID can lead to different outcomes depending on where you are. Some places might just send you away, while others could call the police.

Usually, what happens if you are caught with a fake ID is that the venue won’t let you in. The security might just take your fake ID and tell you to go away without making a big deal about it. If you leave quietly, that’s usually the end of it.

If a place takes your fake ID, it’s so you can’t use it somewhere else. You might just lose the ID and that’s it, but sometimes, they might call the cops.

Don’t argue or make a fuss when they take your ID; it isn’t a good idea. It can make things worse for you. If you’re caught with a fake ID, the venue staff may involve the police, especially if you don’t cooperate or if you’re acting out. It’s safest just to not use a fake ID to avoid any chance of the police taking you to the station.

If you manage to get into a casino in Las Vegas with a fake ID and end up winning money, you could be in for some trouble. When it’s time to collect a big win, they’ll check your ID again. This time, if they find out it’s fake, especially if it’s a big jackpot, they’ll do a thorough check and you’ll have to go through some extra steps.

This means you won’t be able to take home what you have won, and there could be legal consequences if the casino staff decides to take action.


So, all in all, fake IDs work in Vegas but not 100% of the time due to strict checks. It is not worth the risk because Vegas bouncers are good at spotting fakes, and casinos are strict about following the law. They could lose their license if they let you in.

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