How to Make a Fake Doctors Note for Work, School [Looks Real]

You are here to learn how to make a fake doctors note that looks real? It is okay if you do not feel like going to work, school, or meet an appointment. With a fake doctor’s note, you can be able to get out of work or school for one, two, or more days. You will have to use the sickness/medical excuse to be medically exempted.

A fake doctor’s note is known by many names, including forged doctor’s excuse letters. If you fake being sick, the employee or school needs a doctor’s report, which is why you need a doctor’s note to get approval. In this case, a fake doctor’s note is a forged medical certificate that notifies your employer or teacher that you are sick and need time off to recover.

how to make a fake doctors note

And, yes, a fake doctor’s note is illegal. Note that the FBI is warning employers to be on the lookout for fake doctors notes and even fake test results that employees could be using to claim COVID-19 positive.  Perhaps, you want to rethink your decision, but if the unauthentic doctor’s note looks real, you will easily get away with it. The fake doctor’s phone number on the note must be active so that someone answers the phone call and claim to be your doctor (if your employee or school decides to call to confirm).

So, can I make a fake doctors excuse?

Yes, you can make a fake doctor’s excuse, basically anyone, student, employee, etc., can. However, the name on the fake medical excuse note must be that of a real medical facility (do not use the name of a large and popular facility) and a fake doctor’s note.

What to Write in a Forged Doctor’s Note?

There is no specific format for doctors note. However, yours must look original and contain the following:

  • Header. The fake doctors note will have a header or a letterhead section. The header will contain the medical facility details including the name, address, and contact details of a doctor/physician or medical facility.
  • Title. Your fake medical bill will contain a sickness title. That can be something like Absence Authorization, Physician’s Statement for Medical Absence, etc.
  • Date. The sickness excuse note will contain the date of issuance for the sickness or appointment with a doctor.
  • Patient Information. This section will include your information, including your name, address, age, and date of birth. You can also include a section for parent or spouse acknowledgment.
  • Reason for Appointment. You can add any sickness reason, including cold, flu, injury, etc.
  • Absence Duration. Include the number of days the employer or student will be absent. You can also list the things or activities the student or employee must not do.
  • Signature. Include a doctor’s signature point. This can come at the bottom of the fake doctor’s notice above the doctor’s name.

Depending on your workplace or school, you may be required to notarize the doctors report.

How to Make a Fake Doctor’s Note

Before you read on, know that Ami Yemeni, a car wash business employer of over 70 employees could not differentiate between a fake and authentic doctor’s note. So, if you pay attention to detail, you can get away with or get approval with a fake doctors note in school or work.

Note that there is nothing special about a doctor’s note. It does not contain government stickers, embossed writings, etc. like you will need for a fake death certificate or a fake birth certificate.

  1. Scan and Edit with Software or App

It is okay to use an online editable fake doctors note to forge sickness excuse for work but other employees could have used the same template, so make sure to add some modifications before printing it out. This is also the case with making a fake doctors note template for school because other students or your colleagues could have used it and the lecturer might be able to detect it.

The best way to use a fake doctors note for work, school or an excuse missing for a meeting is to create your unique copy from existing copies or let an expert good at Photoshop or Corel Draw do it for you.

You can find someone with a real one, scan it, and use Adobe Photoshop to erase all the info, then add whatever info fits your story.

Note that this method can take time. So, if you must save time, skip to the next methods that contain already-generated doctor’s note.

Let’s use Photoshop to make a fake doctor’s note:

  • Open Photoshop.
  • Click File.

free printable doctors note for work

  • Open the doctor’s note template. Click Open and select the doctor’s note template (image file) you downloaded online or collected from someone. As you can see in the picture above, your template is loaded.

urgent care doctors note for work

  • Open the fake doctor’s letterhead you downloaded, designed or snapped from a friend. Use the same step above to open the letterhead template. It will load on a new tab.
  • Paste the letterhead on your phony doctor note. To copy the fake letterhead, click Select from the Menu Bar and click All. You can crop some part of the letterhead if it is too large.
  • Click Edit on the Menu Bar and select Copy or Cut.
  • Click the tab containing the doctor’s note template.
  • Click Edit from the Menu Bar and select Paste.

Doctor's note for work absence

  • Resize and position the letterhead properly. Use the transform tool from the Menu Bar by clicking Edit, then select Free Transform to resize the template. Use the Move tool from the tool bar to move the letterhead to the top of the image.

Verifiable fake doctors note

  • Erase the areas you do not need. Use the Clone Tool from the tool bar to erase some parts of the template image.

Fake doctors note PDF free download

  • Modify the clone tool. You can also increase or decrease the size and hardness of the clone tool to suit what you want.

Get a doctors note online free

  • Select the layer you are working on. As you can see in the picture above, click the right layer before you commence cloning.

how to create doctors note

  • Clone the template. In this case, we are cloning out “Thank You” from the bottom of the template. First, hold the alt key and move the cursor to the area you want to clone to another area. Release the cursor after clicking alt on the area you want to clone from. As you can see above, we are erasing the “Thank You” from the bottom of the template. Repeat this process for all the areas you want to erase.

Doctors Note template Google Docs

  • Add text. To add text or write, click the Typing tool from the Tool Bar. Move your cursor to the area you want to add the text.

How do I make a fake doctors note

  • Start writing. In our case, we are writing “Signed by:” close to where we remove “Thank You”. Simply place the typing cursor there and start writing your text. To change the text font, click ctrl + A to select the text. From the Options Bar, click the font name for a drop-down on available fonts. Look for a font type similar to what you have on the doctor’s note template. You can also change the font using the color plate you find on the Options Bar below the Menu Bar.
  • When done, click Edit and select Save or Save As. Under Save As, you can save it as PNG.

Finally, print the template. Write your name and other information (depending on the template you used) using a pen. Try to change your handwriting or have someone else do it. So, that’s it on how to make a fake doctors note using Photoshop.

  1. Hloom

You can use Hloom to forge a phony doctor’s note that works and looks real. However, you must use your Microsoft Word to completely edit and reposition the existing arrangement. You can download Microsoft Word for both PC and mobile.

The premade doctors note is simple with no bulky design. You can just add a letterhead in the word document to make it look real.

Hloom uses fake doctors note for Word which is editable using Microsoft Word (both mobile and desktop versions).

  • Go to
  • From there, you can scroll down for a list of phony generated doctor’s note made with Microsoft Word. You will see sample doctor’s note for work or school, children’s clinic medical excuse doctors note, and fake dentist doctors note. Click Download under any of the doctors note that you prefer or that is similar to a doctor’s report you have seen before.
  • After you download the editable doctor’s note, open it with Microsoft Word or Google Docs or any app/software that can edit a word document.
  • Remove the unnecessary texts in the page 2 of the document. Remove the copyright notice using your delete button because it is a free document. If you want to use it on your blog, do not remove the copyright notice.
  • Add letterhead to make it look formal. Any computer or print shop can make you a letterhead. Don’t download a letterhead online. You can use the comment section of this article to request a letterhead.
  • Edit the places that need to be edited with the doctor’s information.
  • Change font colors. You can ask your medical doctor friend to send you a sample of the sickness notice he writes for people. Replicate the font color but do not use his brand and name without his permission.
  • Print the fake notice. Your fake printable doctors note is now ready. Cross-check the document and save it as PDF with your word editor. Get it to a print store and print it as a colored or black and white notice.

Note that the fake doctor note download is free.

  1. Printable Templates

Another way you can make a fake doctor’s format for free is via Printable Templates. I have edited sickness doctors report severally with this website, but you have to put in additional work so that your employer or school teacher cannot tell whether it is fake or authentic. Regarding how to make a fake doctors note with Printable Templates, we’ve actually had this tested and can confirm they work as long as you follow the steps.

This website also uses editable word doctors note that you can add a letterhead and print for submission.

  • Go to
  • There are many pre-made templates already, so you do not have to start creating your fake sickness form manually. They include doctor’s excuse slip, school/work absence form for sickness, doctor dentist excuse, etc. Keep scrolling and look at the preview until you see a fake doctors note that catches your eye. Click Download.
  • Modify the letterhead. After downloading the document, edit the letterhead. You can add logo and color to it or just replace the text with another brand.
  • Print. Print the form and submit it to your manager or teacher.
  • Fill in your information. Enter your correct employee or student information.

The editable doctors note on this website is free. You just have to edit the info and print it out.

  1. Template Lab

This website lets you download ready-made doctor’s note generated with a word document. You can also download the PDF document but your cannot edit it except your word application allows you to edit PDF.

To make a fake doctors note on Template Lab, go to

  • Scroll down and pick the previewed fake doctors note or excuse you prefer. Click Download.
  • Add letterhead. You can modify the existing letterhead or add a professional letterhead to make your fake doctor’s note believable.
  • Print the document. You can print the replica doctor’s excuse note at any print shop.
  • Fill in your correct information. Write your correct information as used in your workplace or school into the printed document.

When submitting your fake doctor’s notice of excuse, show signs of sickness. No matter how minor your sickness is, even if it’s a mere cold, make it seem serious.

Note: if you want a customizable fake doctor’s note online, you can use However, you have to sign up and make payment to download our share your customized doctors note.

Read through the FAQs to learn more…


Is it illegal to make a fake doctors note?

Doctors note to return to work

As mentioned earlier, it is illegal to make a fake doctors note for work or school. However, it is legal to forge a doctor’s note you will not use for official purposes. You can create fake ones to prank your friends or just to test your creative abilities. Again, it is unethical to forge a medical excuse to skip work for a day or more.

Can you fake a doctors note for work?

Yes, you can fake a doctors note for work but have in mind that it is a criminal offense. Forging a medical certificate for work can cause you to be prosecuted in court.

Can you get fired for a fake doctors note?

Yes, you can get fired for a fake doctor’s note at the workplace. California, for example, is an at-will employment state, so your employer can fire or dismiss you from work for submitting a fake doctor’s note to get out of work. The employer can prove that your act is based on discrimination.

How much jail time for a fake doctors note?

According to Reference, a fake doctor’s note is charged with “forgery, identity theft, and fraud”, so the jail term can exceed one year. Potential penalties for forgery across all states include probation, incarceration, and fines since it is considered a felony.

Do employers call to verify doctors notes?

Get a doctors note online free

Your employer can and has the right to verify the doctor’s note that you submit by contacting the doctor’s office. Helen Hunter, a health specialist at Online Medicine Tips, suggests that fake doctor notes are quite common these days because of the attendance-based policy of HR in many companies. On this note, she advises employers to ensure that the doctor’s note they receive contains the name of the doctor, the patient’s name, address, the date, diagnosis by the doctor, and the date(s) that the patient should be excused from work. However, your employer cannot tell whether you are providing them with a fake doctor’s note with these tips.

Do schools check doctors notes?

Yes, your school can check whether you are submitting fake doctors note. But office personnel or teachers may or may not check, but they mostly will not, especially if you are not that student who makes frequent excuses to leave school early or was catch cheating on a test with phone. Some schools will direct you to the doctor’s office to confirm if the note is authentic, which they may be able to know.

Final Thoughts

Above is all you need to know. Note that the fake number you put on the medical excuse note should be active and the person answering the call or text message from your school or employer must claim to be your doctor.

Again, you do not have to be really sick to get out of work for a day or more. You can capitalize on minor cold to have a doctor fake a report for you. Do not try to deceive your work often so that managers will not become forced to investigate your sickness claim.

Your move?

Getting a fake doctor’s note with a signature to skip work or school is smart until you get caught.

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