How to Cheat on a Test with a Pencil or Pen

You may want to know how to cheat on a test with a pencil or pen if you failed to prepare. However, you could be failed as a penalty if caught. In extreme cases, you could be suspended or expelled from school.

how to cheat on a test with a pencil


But if you believe you’d fail the test anyway, and you’re willing to risk it all, then this publication covers useful cheating methods you could pull with a pencil or pen or both to pass a test.

Cheating on a test with a pencil is way easier than with a phone. Besides, you need to sneak the phone in, which may require getting past a metal detector, depending on your school.


How to cheat on a test with a pencil

Below are various ways to cheat on a test with your pencil:

1. Conceal notes in the pencil

This method involves taping notes along your pencil. You just have to affix small notes on it to help you answer the questions you know the teacher will ask in the test.

Get a thin strip and write down the notes in small handwriting and use clear tape to cover the strip. Now, wrap the strip from the top to the bottom around the pencil. To read the note during the test, just turn the pencil around.

2. Hide notes in a mechanical pencil

Consider hiding notes inside a mechanical pencil. This method is similar to taping notes on a pencil. Write the note on a small paper strip and placed it along the inside of the mechanical pencil.


Placing the strip on the inside of the mechanical pencil will present a natural camouflage that stops the supervisor from knowing if you’re cheating. Use only a translucent mechanical pencil for this method.

You also need additional 2-3 spare mechanical pencils on your desk if you need more notes to cheat on the test.

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You could also roll the notes into tiny tubes and store them in the pencil. During the test, remove the pencil’s eraser and retrieve the notes. Make sure to bring additional leads to make people think that you are replacing the pencil lead.

When done with the notes, put them in your pocket to get rid of any evidence. If it feels like you’d get caught, chew the paper to destroy the evidence.

3. Write notes on a wooden, hexagonal-shaped pencil

Pencils can generally write on a wooden material, however, a pen will do better, so get one to help you cheat on the test.

On the wooden pencil, you can write dates, simple equations, and short notes. A pen is your best bet, but allow the ink to dry as you write on it to prevent your hand from smearing it away. You could also etch notes into your wooden pencil with a small paper clip or other sharp items.

Make sure to get a hexagonal-shaped pencil. It should have flat surfaces like the pencil below to make writing on it easier.

How do you cheat with a pen

Round-shaped pencils make writing on them to cheat on a test tougher.

You could use a small wood-etching tool if you have one handy. The tip of the tool needs to be sharp enough for small print.

4. Store notes in the pen/pencil cap

Get a pen or pencil with a cap. Write notes on a small paper strip, roll them up, and place them loosely in the pen cap.

During the test, just remove the pen cap and retrieve the notes. It’s important not to pack the notes tightly in the cap so that you won’t have difficulty retrieving them.

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The cap with the note should remain on the butt end of the pen for more room for notes. Get up to 2 spare pens for additional notes. A colleague may need a pen, so have an extra pen without notes in it to give to the person.

5. Hide notes in a pencil case

You can store notes in your pencil case to cheat on a test. Just write down the answers to the test questions on a small piece of paper and place it in your pencil case. You could use other similar cases, such as your eyeglass case.

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During the test, pretend you want to get another pencil or an eraser from your case, then carefully retrieve the notes.

You need a clear, soft plastic pencil case for this cheating method. Those are usually zipped closed, which will allow you to see the notes without opening the pencil case.

6. Cheat with your eraser wrapping

Get an eraser with paper sleeves, remove the sleeve, and pen down your notes inside of it. To cheat during the test with an eraser wrapping, remove the sleeve as if you need a larger portion of the eraser, and arrange the sleeve to make the answers visible.

You could even write the answers on your lightly colored erasers with a pen or pencil—both are also easy to erase by rubbing off after use.

If the eraser sleeve needs to be disassembled for easy writing, adhere it back to the eraser with glue or tape.

7. Use erasable ink for test

If the teacher announced that the test will be self-marked, get a pen with erasable ink ASAP. Use this pen for your answers during the test. When it’s time to self-mark the test, discretely erase your wrong answers and replace them with the correct answers.

Erasable ink is not actually ink. According to The Atlantic, “While traditional pens use inks made from oils and dyes that stain paper, erasable pens use a liquid rubber cement solution that is layered on top of the paper.”

During the test, write lightly with the erasable ink. Pressing too hard will make it harder to erase, so your old answers will remain visible.

8. Write cheat notes with white ink or lead

If your class test requires using a blank sheet of paper to work out equations, write down your cheat answers on the working sheet before the test.

Your supervisor will not detect the white pencil or ink unless they closely inspect your paper. However, the cheat notes will be visible to you as long as the test room is bright.

White pencils tend to work better than white inks. The problem with white ink is that it is slightly more visible to other people since it contains reflective properties. White ink like White Out is fairly visible and will blot out the paper’s natural lines.


You need additional pens and pencils handy. Someone may need to borrow yours if theirs stops working, and it’ll be suspicious and draws the supervisor’s attention if you refuse to lend with so many pens and pencils on your table.

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