How to Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend into Your House [with Pictures]

You probably just met and have already established a strong connection. Now, you just want to sneak them into your parents house and not get caught. Well, that’s not very okay but I’ll show you how to sneak a boyfriend into your house, even with cameras during the day or night. The same applies to a girlfriend; sneaking her into your house keeps your parents, guardian, or partner from being aware.

This article discloses the steps you must follow to sneak in your boyfriend or girlfriend without getting caught.

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house
Sneaking Your Friend

How to Sneak a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend into Your House

So, I have included some pictures to keep you engaged as your go through so you can easily sneak in your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Step 1


Prepare the House to Sneak in Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Below are the steps to plan how your partner will get into the house uncaught:

Know the Nooks and Crannies

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

To sneak your gf in your house or even a bf, you need to know your home’s ins and outs. Although you have lived in the house for some time, you still need to figure out every phantom spot and possible hideouts closest to your room. Of course, you want to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend into your room.

Next, establish an access point you would use to get inside the house with your partner.

To pick the best access point, consider the distance between the access point and your room, the number of doors to access, and the closeness of your parents’ or guardians’ room.


Move Out the Pets

How to sneak a girlfriend into your house

It is typical for pets to react to sneaky movements or a strange face entering the house.

If you have a pet such as a dog, you should move it out of the access point your partner would be using to access the house.

You may lock the pet out of the access point in a room or give it treats that steal its attention. If your dog misbehaves and busts the plan, don’t get too pissed to think of selling them—it’s never advisable to sell a pet dog, but better to have her adopted by a trusted person who will take care of her better.

Deactivate the Alarm/Camera Systems

How to sneak a girlfriend into your house

First, endeavor to disable the alarm systems to mute it from bleeping aloud when opening the doors or windows. Note that this practice is unhealthy for the general security of the house. So, make sure to enable the alarm system after your boyfriend or girlfriend exits the house.

If cameras are used in the house, you have to disable or pause them temporarily. Alternatively, you could sneak into the house with your boyfriend or girlfriend through the paths without camera coverage.

Shut Every Door/Window Behind You

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

Unlike the alarm systems and the camera, you should not leave the doors and windows open. Make sure you choose an access point that requires opening a few doors/windows as possible to keep you from not closing them. If it is possible to access your room from the basement window, get a ladder beforehand.

Leaving the doors and windows open is not advisable for the security of the home.

Prepare the Hideouts

How to sneak a girlfriend into your house

You need hideouts to avoid getting caught. The hideouts must be stationed within the room and outside the house.

Inside the room, the best hiding spots are your closet, beneath the bed, and covering up under the bedsheet.

If you prefer to hide your boyfriend or girlfriend under the sheet, make sure your room is messy.

Outside the house, you can use any spot as a hideout for your partner. However, you must turn off the lights or pick out a narrow and dark corner for a partner to conceal themselves if the sneaking fails to go according to plan.

Your parents or guardians may question you about putting out the light, prepare reasonable excuses for it.

Test Your Plan

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

After setting up the access points and hideout, inspect them for errors either at night or during the day. Assume that you are sneaking into the house while making sure nobody sees you.

If the access point is outside the building, the neighbors may be curious, but you must pretend not to be sneaking. Before you test the plan, disable the alarm system and the cameras. Put the pet out of sight and put out the light temporarily.

If it is during the day and your parents or guardian are at work, test the setup during the hours they are yet to return home. If it is nighttime, wait for them to sleep or distract them to go to their room before you sneak your girlfriend or boyfriend inside the house.

Hey, don’t make the mistakes she made up there, including exposing her friend to the camera, talking while in action, not keeping her calm, and lastly, she obviously has no reasonable entry plan, which is why she hets caught.

Step 2

How to Get Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Inside the House

Below are the steps to get your boyfriend/girlfriend inside the house:

Inform Your Partner

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

First, set your phones to silent mode. When it is time to sneak your partner into your house, inform them to put their phone in silent or meeting mode (vibrate only). Do not use the home phones to contact your partner to sneak inside; otherwise, your guardian or parent might answer the call.

If you cannot contact your boyfriend or girlfriend without using the home phone, use the ancient method of placing a sign on your window or using a light signal. Inform your partner that if the light comes off at a particular hour of the night, they should move in. if the light remains off, they should remain in the hiding spot outside.

Wait for Your Parent or Guardian to Sleep

How to sneak a girlfriend into your house

The time it takes your parents or guardians to sleep is called sleep latency. According to Healthline, a trusted health source, a normal adult sleep within 10-20 minutes. It should take your parents or guardians at least 30 minutes to sleep unconsciously.

After they exit for their room, monitor their activities until they close the door finally. After about 30 minutes, tiptoe to their room and listen for snores or soft breathing. If you meet any of them unexpectedly while monitoring the situation at night, come up with excuses to cover up. You could say you are searching for your item before you get to bed.

If your parents find you sneaking outside at midnight, you may make some of these excuses for sneaking out.

If you are sneaking a boyfriend/girlfriend into your house during the day, make sure your parents or guardians at out at work.

Sneak Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Inside

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

Signal your partner to move in. Make sure they do not have their shoes on, and they must not carry any material that produces sound.

If your partner is getting in through the window, try to keep them away from the camera. When they succeed in getting inside, pull the ladder inside the house. Do not leave the ladder outside for security reasons.

However, if you are sneaking your partner into your house using the doors, ensure that the doors remain open until they get inside. You need to turn on the radio to ease the noise while closing the door but reduce the volume.

Sneak in Your Partner During the Day

How to sneak a girlfriend into your house

You can skip the mental stress of sneaking your boyfriend or girlfriend into the house during the night by inviting them at noon. Make sure your parent or guardian is away before you get them inside.

Your partner must remain in your room until night. If they visit on a motorbike, a vehicle, or a bicycle, you may ask a friendly neighbor to allow them to leave it in their home.

When your parents or guardians return home, your partner should spend the rest of the day in your closet. Lock the door to your room whenever you exit and make sure to spend some time with your family as usual.

Move Very Stealthily

How to sneak a boyfriend into your house

Throughout your friend’s stay at your place, you must be stealthy, especially during the night. You may play music or turn on the radio to ease the sound during your conversation. It should not be loud so that you can hear when someone is approaching.

Before you exit your room, your friend should hide either in the closet, under the mattress, or cover themselves in the sheet. Keep your room light off and use a dim flashlight when it becomes dark.

Step 3

How to Sneak Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Out of Your House

After the entire drama at night, prepare for the escape of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Below are the steps to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend out of your house:

Set the Alarm

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

Unless your parents or guardians leave home early in the morning, it is not okay for your friend to remain in the house past 05:00 am after sneaking them inside. If your parents wake at 07:00 normally, your friend should not stay beyond 06:00.

Set the alarm to room volume to avoid waking your parents or guardians. You may use the radio to wake yourself early in the morning if you have no alarm source.

Sneak them Out

How to sneak your boyfriend into your house

Before you sneak your friend out, follow the access point outside to check whether your parents or guardians are awake. If the coast is clear, signal your friend to exit while you stay on the watch.

Tips for Sneaking with a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Below are the tips to sneak with a Boyfriend/Girlfriend:

Don’t Invite them Often

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

Do not invite your girlfriend or boyfriend to your house often. Give it a break of about 7 days after each time you sneak them into the house to reduce suspicion.

Know When Parents Would Return

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

If your friend is coming over during the day, make sure they arrive before the time your parents or guardian return home. Do not let the neighbors suspect the arrival of your partner, and do not welcome them outside.

Be Stealthy Always

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

During the nights and the early morning when your friend would be departing, tiptoe to whatever you intend to do that does not involve the family.

If your friend’s visit involves intimacy, remind them not to moan. You may turn on the radio while having intercourse to eliminate soft moans.

No Music and Alcohol

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

Unless you want to get caught no music and alcohol after sneaking your boyfriend or girlfriend into your house.

Arrange the Room

How to sneak your girlfriend into your house

After sneaking your partner out, clean the room to get rid of the tissues, cans, papers, clothes, etc. You may flush the papers, but wrap the cans and other solid materials in a concealed bag and trash them.

How to Get Out After Getting Caught for Sneaking in a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

What if you get caught? Well, it is possible to get out of the mess and avoid your parents’ or guardians’ wrath.

Do the following if you get caught after sneaking your boyfriend or girlfriend into the house:

Put on a Sorry Look

It is normal for your parents or guardians to be angry when they catch you sneaking a friend into the house. However, you can calm their nerves by looking sorry. Of course, you have no excuse to make, especially if you informed none of them.

Promise It Won’t Happen Again

Even after you promise your parents it will not happen again, they will not trust you for some weeks. They may make it a habit to inspect your room every morning and night for a while, typically a month. When they stop inspecting your room, you may invite your partner over again.

Final Thought

It is okay for your parents to scream at you for sneaking a boyfriend or a girlfriend into the house. It does not mean they hate you. Instead, if anything happens to your friend, they may be held accountable.

Understand your kind of parents and stay away from sneaking a partner into the house if they are against the habit.

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