Can You Hide Pregnancy from Parents?

After the pleasure comes a result that makes you want to hide pregnancy from parents. I understand that parents can be judgemental, and it is okay because they feel disappointed, but not for long.

Can you hide the pregnancy from your parents? Yes, you can hide the pregnancy from your parents initially, but not for too long unless you exit their roof.


I first became pregnant at 16 as a second-year student in high school. The father was just 18 with a petty-paying job and a welcoming family.

It also started after I took the test, and it turned out positive. I tried the next day again, hoping for a negative result, but I was only deceiving myself.


I broke the news to the father; he didn’t suggest abortion and was supportive.

Eight weeks into the pregnancy, I wrote to my mom and asked my boyfriend to take the letter to her. I remained in my bedroom the day he arrived to give the unfortunate letter to mom. I saw when he walked in, after 5 minutes, mom was screaming towards my room. I yelled back at her but agreed to get rid of the baby.

A few days before the appointment date of the abortion, I wrote my mom again that I would keep the baby. I explained that I wouldn’t want to be responsible for taking an innocent life and that we barely know whose life I’ll be getting rid of.

Mom was pissed. She walked up the stairs yelling at me, kicked me out of the house, and shut the door.


About 25 minutes later, I found my way to my boyfriend’s house, he explained everything to his family, and they let me stay with them. Mom arrived the next morning to pick me up and apologized. I forgave her for the ill-treatment and told her I was sorry for everything.

Early 1982, I gave birth to Lucas Logan at midnight. Of course, I married my boyfriend after college.

how to hide pregnancy from parents

How to Hide Pregnancy from Parents

You can keep a pregnancy until you deliver the baby. However, you can’t keep it from your parents forever.

Below are ways to hide a pregnancy from parents:

  1. Assume You Live Alone

If you live with your parents, assume that you live alone and stay most of the time indoors. Do not entertain visits from friends unless a close friend that is aware of your pregnancy.

Meanwhile, depending on the nature of your body, your parents may not notice the changes in your body.

  1. Wear Baggy Clothes or Loose Dresses

During the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy, get some baggy clothes and loose dresses to hide the pregnancy from your parents. If the pregnancy is already too large, order the clothes online. Your mom might notice the baggy wear on you and might suspect that you are gaining weight. Tell her it’s because you are devoting more time indoors to your studies.

  1. Do Not Go to Visits

The only time you should go out should be either to school or to see a doctor. Cancel any irrelevant appointments such as wedding invitations, a friend’s birthday party, and a sporting event.

If a friend invited you to their wedding, see the excuses for not going to a wedding.

If possible, schedule an in-house visit with a doctor whenever your parents leave the house. It keeps you from leaving the house while receiving prenatal care.

  1. Leave the House

The best option to hide the pregnancy from parents is to leave the house. Tell your parents that you need some time away from home, or that you want to live with your cousin. Your parents can’t tell whether you are pregnant, and you can be having video calls with them often.

If your parents call while you are in pain, do not answer the phone. It is better to give them believable excuses for not answering the phone.

  1. Tell Mom

If you can’t tell your dad, tell your mom about the pregnancy. You can’t stop your mom from telling your dad about the pregnancy, but you can attempt to convince your mom to say yes.

Your mom might react angrily, especially if she is a judgemental parent, but it’s OK. After a while, she will calm her nerves.

  1. Inform Your Parents After Giving Birth

Regarding how to hide a pregnancy from parents, informing your parents after giving birth to your baby is advisable. You can also inform them when you’ve reached the number of months you can’t abort the pregnancy anymore.


Should you hide pregnancy from parents?

Although you can hide the pregnancy from your parents temporarily, do not hide the pregnancy from them. However, if you feel your parents may persuade you to get rid of the pregnancy, keep it from them until the pregnancy is too mature for abortion.

Will my parents be happy I’m pregnant?

No. Your parents will not be happy if you have an unwanted pregnancy, but that will be temporary. It is advisable to tell your parents that you are pregnant early. Even if they suggest abortion, you can refuse it. When they find out that you hid pregnancy from them for more than 9 months, they will be upset. Regardless of the circumstance, your parents are most concerned about your health and the baby’s health.

Should you abort the pregnancy?

Having an abortion may result in health complications and sometimes death. You might feel the pressure to abort a pregnancy from your boyfriend and what society would say, but they are not valid reasons to get rid of the baby. Explain to your parents that you intend to keep the baby, and they’ll support your decision even though they feel disappointed.

What to do if you’re pregnant and can’t tell your parents?

If you can’t tell your parents about your pregnancy, talk to a responsible adult, including an aunt, a counselor, the school nurse, grandparents, or share your feelings in an online community forum. You can also write to your parents to inform them of your pregnancy, emphasizing that you are sorry.

Do doctors tell your parents if you’re pregnant?

Your pregnancy information is confidential, and most health care providers would keep it from your parents, except it becomes complicated and in your best interest.

Final Thoughts

It is a brave and dangerous choice to hide a pregnancy from your parents. Is it necessary? Of course, it is unnecessary to keep a pregnancy from parents unless you can keep it a secret forever.

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