10+ Good Excuses for Sneaking Out

You snuck out for your own reason, but unfortunately, you have been caught. Well, the only way to get out of this is by making excuses—not flimsy ones though. So, in this post, I will show you the best excuses for sneaking out and getting away with it without raising parents’ suspicions. Sneaking out of the family house, relative’s apartment, etc., is not illegal; however, it is questionable when you are sneaking out for the wrong purposes. For example, if your parents refused you from going to a night party, but you snuck out to catch up, that’s wrong, and you need a really good cover story for that.

Before sneaking out of the house, it is okay to inform at least one person at home or via a chat about where you are going. You could even leave a text message explaining your whereabouts. The best time to sneak out of the house, according to a WikiHow, is 30 minutes from sleep time, and it depends on where you are going, but people sneak out of homes during the late hours of the day mostly.


Excuses for Sneaking Out

Excuses for sneaking out

In this section, I disclose the things you could say if you get caught after sneaking out. Below are good excuses for sneaking out:

1. I Lost My Wallet Returning Home

Before you make this excuses for sneaking out after getting caught sneaking out, make sure to have your wallet with you as proof. Of course, they will ask for the wallet, which you would present to them. If you have no wallet, you have to say, “I couldn’t find the wallet, unfortunately.” You could also claim you had a few bucks in it.


2. My Phone Was Missing

Just like the wallet excuse for sneaking out, say that you lost your phone and had to hurry to the spot. The spot can be anywhere, typically the last place you were before returning home that day. If this is indeed the case, make haste because a thief can make your phone untraceable. To use this excuse, do not pick up when your family calls in. You can allow another person to do so and say that you forgot your phone with them. Meanwhile, here are some reasons you could give for not answering your phone.

3. I Wasn’t Conscious of Myself

People lose consciousness sometimes. Tell your guardian or family that you felt you lost yourself for a moment. It will make them worried, but just say, “I’m okay now.” Do not use this excuse frequently; otherwise, you would wake up one day at the nearest hospital. This is one of the best excuses to go out for strict parents, as well as leave school very early.

4. My Mind was Heavy

If something happened at home recently, you could use it as an excuse for sneaking out of the house when caught. Instead of anyone questioning you any further, they will pet you and promise whatever happened will not repeat itself. This is one of those excuses to leave the house at 1am, although you need to argue that you didn’t go far, and of course, you must show proof that you are being truthful.

5. I Left My Textbook at the Park

If you are a teenager, high school, or college student, tell your guardian or family that you forgot your textbook at the park or any place you went to that day. You also need to carry your textbook along as proof when you get caught sneaking out. This is one of th most reasonable excuses to leave the house for 10 minutes without anyone questioning about your safety. Just make sure you snuck/sneaked out for the right reasons.


6. I Heard Strange Noise Outside

Yes, say to your family, parents, relative, or guardian that you heard a strange noise outside of the house, and you went to check it. Include that you were careful and that you maintained a distance from the noise.

7. I Chased a Wild Animal Away

It is normal for a stray animal to find its way to people’s apartments. Use it as an excuse when you get caught for sneaking out of the house.

You could also say that you were sneaking up on a cat to scare it away. If your girlfriend lives nearby, use this as one of your excuses to leave the house to see your girlfriend.

8. I took out the trash

Taking out the trash is one of the best excuses to leave the house early in the morning, usually for 10 or 20 mimutes. If you have siblings, have them cover for you. You could even hide your clothes in the trash bag, then go ahead and meet your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Again, make sure your meeting does not exceed 20 minutes. You should have proof on you to use as cover, could be an additional trash bag. Of course, you are indeed going to dump the other. Do not raise alarm about the trash when leaving the house, else, your parents may be suspicious, especially if garbage in the house are too few or the garbage was only recently disposed of.

9. I visited the gym

You need to go to the gym to get in some physical activity. Moreover, it helps you to stay healthy and fit. The gym excuse for sneaking out is particularly used by cheats. Thus, it’s one of the excuses to leave the house to cheat, similar to making up lies about going on a business trip, except that you won’t spend days away.

A big part of this excuse is that your partner must already know that you frequent the gym or at least go to the gym once in a while. If hitting the gym is not a usual activity about you, U doubt this excuse will work. Even if it gets you out of the house, it’ll be questionable. That said, make sure to kit up with water bottle, workout clothes, towel, shoes, headphone, and personal care items. You can also use the gym excuse to sneak out as early as 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, etc.

10. Went to See My Friends, and Thought I Would Be Back Shortly

Seeing your is a good excuse to get out of the house. Some even use this excuse to cheat, leave the house early, or even leave the house for a few hours. You can claim that you are seeing friend to serve as their emotional support and give them a sense of belonging in difficult times. You could also talk about seeing your friend for fun, but this excuse won’t take you out of the house very early.

Other Excuses for Sneaking Out

  1. I was patting a cat outside.
  2. Couldnt sleep and needed some fresh air.
  3. I saw something about meteor shower on the net, and was taking a look.
  4. I like to talk to my dog on several walks a day (Perfect excuse if you have a dog).

Tips for Sneaking Out

Meanwhile, below are tips to back your excuses for sneaking out:

Plan Your Time Outside

Before you sneak out of the house, know how long you would spend wherever you are going. If you are sneaking out on your partner, make sure you do not stay out for too long or risk an outrage.

As a teenager, if you are going to a party or going to see a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, tell them how long you would spend. Make sure you do not spend a longer time than necessary and have your hoodie on to hide your face.

Know When Others Sleep or Go Out

When your parents or spouse goes out, know when they would return. If you are going out at night, you do not want to stay out too late.

Create a Dummy

You can create a simple dummy using available clothes in your room. Note that you do not need a dummy if you stay in the same room with your spouse, parent, or guardian.

Make sure the dummy takes your shape and put the blanket over it to be realistic.

Leave a Note at the Door

Write a simple note and paste it at the door before you sneak out of the house.

The note could read:

  • Sleeping, no disturbance, please!
  • I just need some time for myself at the moment
  • I’m naked, don’t open the door

Seems interesting, right? Try it out; it works 100% of the time, especially if you have not done it before.

Decide an Excuse

If you get caught, make sure you know what to say. Pick from the list of the best excuses I have listed in this article.

Reasons to Sneak Out

Below are some of the reasons why you may sneak out:

Attend a Party

Most of the time, people sneak out for parties. If you are a teenager, you may want to make excuses to attend a party your parents refuse you to attend. When you sneak out successfully, you do not want them to know that you went to the party, so you need believable excuses to leave the house for a few hours. Meanwhile, if you must indeed miss the hangout with friends, here are excuses to use.

See Your Friend

You could sneak out to meet your friend and sneak them in, typically your boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, your parents would not allow you to see them without permission unless you have to sneak out of the house. If you tell mom, she might inform dad, which means trouble. However, with the proper excuses to tell your parents to go out with friends, you’re good to go.

Clear Up Your Mind

Well, if the family is not having a great time and everyone is stuck at home, the best option is to sneak out to clear your mind. You could sit out in the park or somewhere quiet to think carefully and breathe freshness.

Have Some Time Away from Home

If you need some time out of negativity, you should sneak out if nobody lets you do it. However, you have to inform someone of your whereabouts.

Deliver a Parcel/Information

If you have a parcel you do not want your spouse, parents, relatives, guardians, or friends to know about, you may have to sneak out to deliver it.

Get Out of Going Somewhere

You can sneak out to get out of going somewhere with your parents or guardians. Perhaps, you want to join friends for the night, and you need the excuses to tell your parents to go out at night. I personally do not recommend sneaking out at night for whatever reason.

How to Sneak Out of Your House at Night

It is easier to sneak out at night, especially when everyone is awake and seeing a movie or fast asleep. To sneak out at night is okay, but make sure you are not going somewhere dangerous.

Below are the steps to sneak out at night:

Inform Someone

First, send a message to a friend about your whereabouts. If you are going to a party without informing your spouse, you could tell the person that knows your whereabouts that you do not want your spouse to know where you are and that they should tell your spouse they are with you.

If it turns out that your spouse requests to speak with you through their phone, the person should tell your spouse that you just left. At this point, you have to leave wherever you are to the house.

Make or Get a Mannequin

You can get a mannequin or any stuff that can make it look like you are in bed. Make sure to wrap it as you would be in bed.

Stuff Your Outing Clothes

You can stuff your outing clothes somewhere out of the house or leave them with the person you are sneaking out to meet.

Alternatively, you can wear clothes and then wear your house to wear to conceal it.

Place a Notice

Before you place a notice to inform people that you do not welcome disturbance for the night, inform them that you would be relaxing like never before today.

Place the notice just behind the door and lock your door from the inside. If you cannot access the outside from your window, you can lock the room door from the outside.

Make Up an Excuse

Well, you always need an excuse for sneaking out to be your backup plan when you get caught.

Depending on why you snuck out, you can use any of the mentioned excuses for sneaking out in this article.

How to Sneak Out of Your House During the Day

To sneak out of the house during the day is even more challenging, especially when you are told not to leave the house. Nevertheless, you could still sneak out at night and not get caught.

Below are the steps to sneak out of your house during the day:

Know Your Time

Before you sneak out during the day, know how long you would spend out there. If you live with your parents or guardians, you should know how long it takes for them to return home. Typically, working-class individuals return home after about 8 hours from either 07:00 am, or 08:00 am.

Disable the Security Camera

Do you use security cameras? Then, disable the cameras or set timers for when the capturing should resume while you sneak out of the house during the day.

Stuff Your Clothes

If the person you are hiding from is at home, you have to stuff your clothes inside your house wear.

Lock Your Door and Leave a Note

Unless you can return home before your parents, spouse, or guardian, you should lock the door and leave a note that you do not want to be disturbed presently. It will keep people from checking whether you are in the room or not, at least most of the time.

Make Up an Excuse

If you return home to meet those you are hiding from, use the excuses in this article. Make sure to comport yourself.

How to Get Out of Being Caught Sneaking Out

What if your excuses do not count for sneaking out of the house?

Below are the steps to get out of sneaking out:

Stick to One Excuse

When you are caught sneaking out, your parents or spouse will take your entire excuses to be lies.

However, you can convince them to trust your excuses by sticking to one or two excuses throughout the conversation. Also, comport yourself and do not look timid or smile unnecessarily.

Present Your Proof

Assuming your excuse is that you forgot your mobile phone at a friend’s place, present your mobile phone to them and inform them that it is the reason you could not pick it up since you were not with your phone.

Pretend to be Angry for Not Being Trusted

If they make it difficult, swing your mood, frown, and fake being angry about them not trusting your words. Just be silent and murmur aloud about how they never trust you.

Be careful where you’re sneaking out to…

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