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For one reason or another, you might find yourself in need of a fake marriage certificate with seal. Generally, you either buy the certificate or you create one yourself. In this post, I cover both methods to solve your problem.

I have recommended the best fake marriage certificate with seal that I used personally for one occasion or another related to marriage. You can use the certificate for pranks, fun, or even to present it to a married couple. If you’re looking to get a fake marriage certificate, you will need one with a seal to make it look real. Note that the fake marriage certificate must not be used for purposes where original documents are required, such as to change your marital status for insurance (car, health, etc.), Social Security (if you’re changing your name), your credit cards, your bank accounts, and the IRS, to name a few.


Fake Marriage Certificate with Seal

In order to recommend the best copies of marriage certificates, I’ve purchased the copies, had a feel of them, and also relied on popular opinion. So, these picks are not random as I intend to solve your problem. Note that the essence of this guide is not for me to sell but rather to solve your problem.

That said, you should get the best fake marriage certificate with seal below:


1. Juvale Store Marriage Certificates

This ivory marriage certificate is quite elegant and comes with gold foil edges and letters. The pack comes with lots of copies for anyone who’d want to add designs to theirs.

I had a seal and a water color painting added to the paper. Regarding the water color painting, however, the paper dried a little bumpy, but compression helped reduce it a bit.

These copies of phony marriage certificates are still elegant without additional decoration and are perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can even frame the certificates to look great in your home.


The offset paper is quite sturdy and really easy to write on. So, if you’re looking for a pretty certificate, I’d recommend you get this.

The paper is sturdy and thick, and the embossing is smooth and generally nice, without marks below the ‘E’. You can get as many of these as you wish to make your pranks real.

The gold foil is great. But I feel you should know a couple of things I spotted. (1) One of the copies had a printing flaw below the E in “Marriage” where 26. No big deal and yours will definitely not have this flaw after we complained about it to the manufacturer. (2) The design looks really close to the edge on some copies, which cuts off the design in the decorative folder where the corners are tucked in. Overall, a great marriage certificate to buy online.

The only con is that although the papers are sophisticated, they are a little lighter than I expected. Nevertheless, they serve the purpose and the price.

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2. Warner Press Marriage Certificate

I’ve also tested this Warner Press fake marriage certificate with seal, and it works. I had these purchased to use as a photo op for a friend’s wedding. The certificate is beautiful and made with quality paper.

You will be extremely happy with the copies and will want to order even more after your first purchase. The prices are quite reasonable, and the delivery was quick. I received them in perfect condition, so no annoying folds or damage to my orders.

I received the certificates in simple but really elegant designs, which are perfect for a wedding ceremony or recognition. The finish has a contemporary design and looks much better in appearance than advertised.

However, I nearly did not buy this since I thought it had a green tone, but it does not. It’s a simple and delicate fake marriage certificate that works for your intended purpose. If you do a few weddings, I recommend you get this good-quality certificate for the couple. Lastly, this comes in envelopes for protection.

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3. Warner Press Marriage Certificate (Silver Foil Embossed)

I received these certificates in simple yet elegant Christian designs, and they look really modern (with a traditional touch).

This marriage certificate was delivered a little earlier than expected. They do the job as required and are priced reasonably.

Most importantly, the phony wedding certificates arrived in good condition, with no damage.

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4. Warner Press 304035 Certificate

This particular wedding certificate comes in bronze foil embossed. They’re beautiful certificates and really straightforward to fill out. If you are presenting it as a gift to couples, they can frame and hang it on the wall for a nice, elegant touch.

The paper quality is good and thick, and I received multiple of them. Don’t worry about your merchandise getting damaged—I received mine in good condition and they come in envelopes for protection.

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5. Warner Press Marriage Certificate

This will work perfectly for you as Warner Press is easily the best fake marriage certificate with seal. Meanwhile, if you do a few weddings, you need this good quality certificate to give to the couples.

One thing you should know about this marriage certificate is that it looks much better in person than what you’re seeing online right now. I almost looked away, but for the fact that I needed to test and recommend stuff, I bought some copies. Well, it did not have a green tone to it (as it appears in the picture), which is great. Also, it’s simple, yet delicate and lovable. I’m pretty certain this is what you need to fake that marriage prank to parents and friends.

These copies come with envelopes and are not cream and green as pictured—they’re all white instead, which is much better in person.

I earlier thought not to buy these since they appeared to have a green tone but they don’t. Lastly, these are beautiful and classy with heavy stock and embossed. Good for keepsakes and they go into the printer without problems.

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6. Our Wedding Certificate

It works perfectly for any fake marriage prank in the neighborhood or with friends and parents. I must add that the quality of the certificate is great and even presentable to couples. Received my copies in protective envelopes though.

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Seal for Your Wedding Certificate

You’re going to need a professional seal to make your certificate look real. Below seals are my recommendations to make your fake marriage certificate with seal real and more professional:

1. PaperDirect American Eagle Embossed Gold Certificate Seals

Get this amazing gold foil (exactly as advertised) to make your phony marriage certificate look real and professional.

I have applied these gold foils to my copies of marriage certificates and they make the certificates professional and stand out. The foil is quite remarkable and delivery was fast and timely.

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2. MaxMark 1.75″ Self Adhesive Glossy Gold Seal

These seals are perfect for your phony marriage certificate and the gold color really looks like gold foil. You can easily peel off the backing and apply the seal on your certificate.

Of course, it brings that extra special touch to the phony wedding documents. Note that this gold foil may sometimes tear a bit when pressed in an embosser.

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How to Make a Fake Marriage Certificate Free

So, in this section, I have explained the tools as well as steps to make a fake marriage certificate with seal that works. Consider any of these convenient methods:

1. pdfFiller Free Marriage Certificate Form

So, if you do not plan to buy a ready-made fake marriage certificate, you can create one using pdfFiller. Thereafter, you buy a fake marriage certificate seal recommended above to make yours look real. That said, follow these steps to create a marriage certificate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Form and wait for the document editor to load.
  3. Click Start and fill in your name, fake partner, date of the wedding, name of marriage officiant, and venue, and then sign your signature and that of your fake married partner.
  4. Click Done and wait for your information to process.
  5. Save the document as PDF and download it.

PDFFiller also offers a tool for a notary to make a fake marriage certificate free online, so you can use that to make your fake marriage certificate look real.

2. Jotform Free Marriage Certificate Template

Jotform offers a free marriage certificate template for download online. I’ve used this phony marriage template a couple of times whenever I feel like having friends think I recently got married without inviting them. Meanwhile, if you have a wedding invitation you don’t want to attend, use my excuses.

  1. Search ‘Jotform’s Free Marriage Certificate Template’.
  2. Click Use Template.
  3. Fill out the marriage form. The marriage form requires information like husband & wife names, date & place of marriage, and husband & wife signatures. Jotform allows you to make the signatures using your finger to draw on your screen.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click the Submit Form button and wait for your fake certificate of marriage to load.
  6. Finally, download or print it for free.

Once all details are filled in and the template is customized to your liking, the template instantly generates a beautiful PDF marriage certificate. You can download the generated PDF marriage certificate or print it out and frame it as a commemoration of one of the biggest days of your life.

3. SignNow Marriage Certificate Form

If you have used pdfFiller before, you will be familiar with SignNow because the interface is similar on both.

  1. Search ‘signNow marriage certificate form’.
  2. Click the Get Form button to open the marriage certificate template.
  3. Follow the instructions and fill out the form with the required details, such as official contact and identification details.
  4. You can use the Sign Tool to create and add your electronic signature to the form.
  5. After filling out and signing the form, click on Done. You can then print, download, or share the document.

That’s it—you just made a fake marriage certificate with seal online for free. All you have to do next is attach the seal I recommended for purchase. If you have the skill, you can make a DIY seal yourself.

4. GDoc Fake Marriage Certificate Free Google Docs Template

You can always use GDoc to get a fake marriage certificate. However, it comes in a Google Doc template, so you have to format it and print it.

  1. Search ‘Fake Marriage Certificate Free Google Docs Template’.
  2. Use the Google Docs editor to customize the template. You can change the text, remove unnecessary cells and captions, and integrate photos as per your preference.
  3. Write down the date of the event, arrange the names of the newlyweds, and then write down a small cover letter.
  4. There are specially allocated places at the bottom of the template for signatures (Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Officiant).

After customizing and filling in the details, you can save the document and print it out for your use.

Is it Possible to Make Fake Marriage Certificate?

Yes, it’s possible to make a fake marriage certificate to prank friends and family or even to present it to married couples on the day they say “I do”. However, it’s illegal to present a fake marriage certificate on occasions that require legitimate copies.

Ultimately, it’s best to use a fake marriage certificate with seal for pranks or keepsakes. Don’t use it to satisfy any formal requirement, as it can get you in trouble.

The selections I’ve made in this section may fetch me a commission if you buy with my link but at no cost to you. You should also understand that I intend to solve your problem here (which clearly is to fake getting married) and not to sell products to you. See our affiliate disclosure.


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