How to get past a bouncer without ID

You are probably a 17-year-old who wishes to go out to the clubs but can’t because of the bouncers. Don’t worry, I’ve crafted means to help you get past a bouncer without ID. The trick is generally to be more confident, look older, and even manipulate your ID for the bouncers to let you in. Bars and clubhouses are generally strict when keeping out underage because they might lose their license if it is discovered that they admit or serve minors—that’s why the doormen take things seriously. On one occasion, Khartoum Lounge, Campbell, was temporarily shut down on suspicion that they were serving minors.

How to get past a bouncer without ID

The goal is to get past the doorman if you have no ID. You also have to play safe and mature throughout your stay to avoid being detected as a minor and embarrassingly kicked out. Follow the ID-less tips below to outsmart any club bouncer:


1. Be confident

The one thing you really to get past the bouncers is confidence. You must not appear to be pooping it when in line or walking through the door. Bouncers are trained to detect nervousness, so you want to comport yourself to make them think you are of legal age or youth.

In short, don’t even consider the fact that you’re underage. As far as the doorman knows, and as far as you should be concerned, it’s the fifth pub/club you’ve visited that night. Just be confident.


2. Arrive there earlier

It helps if you go to the club or bar early. If you arrive early at most clubs, you may find that the bouncers have not even arrived yet.

Every pub operates differently, and some don’t have door staff at all. For those that even have some, you would typically find them on Friday and Saturday. No under-18s are allowed in after 21:00 (9pm), so if you arrive earlier than 9 pm, you may not have to deal with the bouncer again.

But you have to blend in while in. Blend in by drinking alcohol, otherwise, they will spot you and ask for ID after 21:00. If you have none, they may ask you to leave if they are not convinced by your appearance.

3. Dress and act maturely

You can get into any bar or club if you dress and act as maturely as you can. Just dress appropriately and arrive early (as indicated above). It’s mature if you just get a coke. Nobody really cares whether you drink or not and they won’t think you are weird for not getting alcohol. However, it becomes an attraction for a staff to walk up to you and request your ID.


Nevertheless, if anybody asks why you’re not drinking, just tell them that you are driving and don’t like drinking when you will be driving.

Speaking of dressing; dress in a way that makes you comfortable. Don’t go all out with the full shirt and shoes outfit if you don’t need to so that you don’t get more nervous.

The goal is to avoid giving the doorman a reason to dismiss you. Try avoiding anything too casual such as sneakers. At the same time, don’t try too hard to look overly formal or old-fashioned. Instead, familiarize yourself with the dress code and wear something comfortable that meets the expectations.

If, for instance, the bouncer says “sorry mate, no trainers” turn around and say:

Excuse me, mate. I understand that trainers aren’t allowed. I live just around the corner. I will go home and quickly change into shoes and come right back.

The bouncer will not oppose you, so quickly change your footwear (if you have it in the car) and return to the entrance.

4. Pretend to issue an ID

If the bouncers are outside right from the opening, consider holding out your I.D. (passport, card, whatever) so they could see that you have it ready and maybe not bother checking it. This is a gamble though, as the doorman may actually collect and check your ID.

5. Go in a group of twos or threes

Bouncers can be sleazy and may have most likely had an underage love interest at some point. If your group is all men, try going in twos at a time. If you’re going with a group of girls, try going in as a couple.

Always look the bouncer in the eyes and say “evening,” “hi,” or “alrite,” or anything else that makes you appear confident.

And as mentioned earlier, dress appropriately; don’t give them an excuse to reject you (shoes, shirt, etc.).

6. Fake your ID

The methods are to pretend it’s your birthday or fake your ID. You can wear a badge saying “21 Today” and pretend it is your birthday.

Alternatively, get a color scan of your passport and have it edited by a local photo editing expert to update your birthday. Print out a copy to keep in your wallet. When asked, explain that the hotel advised you to keep your original passport in the safe and that you only have a copy with you. This method works well, and it is bouncer-proof.

If you have an older sibling with a similar appearance, you can use their ID. You can also get your sibling’s expired credit or debit card alongside the ID to support your ID and make you appear 21.

If you do not have a sibling but have a friend who resembles you, you can use their ID. Make sure to remember their name and birthday because that’s what you’ll need throughout your stay.

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What happens if you get caught sneaking into a bar?

I understand if this isn’t what you want to hear, but I strongly advise against going into the bar as underage in the first place. This is due to two main reasons: potential consequences and legal repercussions. Depending on the circumstances and who becomes involved, you may face consequences ranging from being asked to leave to facing fines, and even the loss of your license for up to a year.

For instance, in New York, although you won’t face arrest, you could still be fined, required to participate in alcohol awareness programs, and/or complete up to 30 hours of community service.

Additionally, your actions could lead to negative consequences for others as well. A bartender or door staff member could face termination and fines, putting their livelihoods at risk. The bar itself could even face the loss of its liquor license, leaving all of its employees without work. The bar owners would also suffer, as they would no longer be able to legally operate their businesses.

It is worth noting that if you are under the age of 21, you may be more prone to making impulsive decisions. However, if you still decide to proceed, I suggest obtaining a legitimate form of identification, such as a government-issued ID with your photo, to provide to the bar staff. Since most states have provisions that protect adults from liability, provide an ID so that the bar and its staff won’t get in trouble as long as they have no other reason to suspect that you’re a minor.

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Final thoughts

Remember that it’s the bouncer’s job to request and verify IDs. And when you do get past him, there will be someone inside looking to identify underage, so make sure to blend into the environment when in.

I really also wouldn’t try it due to the fact some of the doormen are former law enforcement or military, or current law enforcement.

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