How to fake a car accident to get out of work

Perhaps you feel the need to fake a car accident to get out of work because you feel excessively stressed out or m just want to take a day off without using a vacation day or having to go through the process of calling in sick. Whatever the case, this article explains the common accident technique dishonest employees use to fake their way out of work.

How to fake a car accident to get out of work

People often do the following to fake a car accident to get out of work.


1. Make up an accident story

Before faking a car accident, the person figures out what will happen. They may choose to falsify the accident in a certain place or at a certain time of day and also plan how the car damage and injury will be faked.

The employee must also have a clear idea of what they will say to their employer, co-workers, and the authorities if the fake accident is discovered.


Employees typically make up a story that sounds real. So, you want to make sure that the fake accident sounds real and that the details of what happened match the story you want to tell.

2. Stage a fake car accident

To make the accident look real, you need to fake damage on your car with a blemish. The story could be made to seem like the vehicle hit a curb or a tree by parking next to it or faking damage to the front or back of the car.

Of course, you could use fake blood or broken glass as props to make the wounds look real. Use Rubies 16-Ounce fake blood.


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I spent the whole day walking around, though. I also didn’t have any trouble with stains. Before I washed my white shorts overnight, the fake blood had been on them for three days. They cleaned up fine. It also doesn’t take long to dry. Just so you know, it’s also too thick to use in a spray bottle.

Remember to use only a few drops of the fake blood to prevent extreme concern from your boss or colleagues who may want to visit you.

3. Fake your evidence

You need fake evidence for coworkers or your boss. You can give your coworkers or boss fake police reports or medical bills to make your story look real and to back up your claim that you can’t come to work.

You’ll also need fake evidence like a damaged car and fake medical bills to fake a car accident to get out of work.

4. Fake the injury

Make believe you have a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle is common and easy to explain and fake. Mild ankle sprains typically take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for them to heal.

You could pretend your knee hurts. Faking knee pain has the advantage of lasting as long as you want. You can blame it on bad genes or past sports injuries from alpine skiing, soccer, or running.

If you want to avoid showing any physical signs, pretend to have a mild concussion as a result of the fake car accident to get out of work. Pretending to have a mild concussion means you don’t have to walk with a limp or use crutches or a sling like you would if you fake hurting your leg or arm.

For a minor but effective fake injury, act like you hurt your wrist in a car accident. A wrist injury is easier to use to fake a car accident to get out of work.

5. Call in about the accident

Just call in like any other day you would call in sick to fake a car accident to get out of work. Say that you were in a car accident and can’t come to work. You don’t need to give details about the accident and any injuries you claim to have gotten.

Do not also exaggerate the situation—you don’t want your place of work becoming too concerned and having to hurry down to see how you’re faring.

6. Keep faking it at work the next day

Let’s say you called in about a concussion or headache. Try to look distracted at work the next day. Try to appear disorganized at work or school by letting your eyes wander from your work. If someone calls your name, take a moment to respond and act surprised.

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If you’re faking a hurt wrist, wrap an elastic bandage around your wrist or shoulder. Wrapping your hurt wrist or shoulder will make it clear to others that you are hurt. Get a roll of elastic bandage from a drugstore and wrap it tightly around your wrist or shoulder.

If you’re faking sprained ankle, raise your leg slightly when you sit at work the next day. Tell people that you need to stay off your feet as much as possible. Sit down as much as you can at work and keep your leg or knee up on a box.

Show that you’re in pain by making faces and walking slowly.

7. Get an ACE wrap

Wrap the wound with a compression bandage. Get an elastic bandage, such as ACE wrap, and wrap it tightly around your ankle or knee. This is used to put pressure on your injury and keep the swelling down.

It will also be clear that you’re hurt. Wearing shorts or no shoes will let people see the bandage on your foot or knee. Say that you have to do this because your pants and shoes are too tight over the injury.

Make sure the bandage isn’t so tight that it stops the blood flow.

8. Bring an ice pack to work

Carry an ice pack with you so you can apply it to your fake wound every few hours. You can keep an ice pack in the freezer at work.

Put ice on it for 10 minutes every 2-3 hours. Ice is a common at-home treatment for pain and inflammation, and it shows that you have been hurt.

You can use an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas or corn. To protect your skin, wrap a thin towel around the pack.

9. Stick with your accident narrative

Keep up the lie and continue saying that the fake car accident happened. Try avoiding questions from coworkers, and pretend to be slightly hurt or still recovering from the accident. If necessary, present the fake evidence to your boss, such as a faux doctors report.

Your employer may not ask for proof but if they do, that’s when your staged accident and fake medical bill come to play.

In some cases, you may be given additional one or two days off to look after your health.


Don’t fake a serious injury like a broken leg. Extreme injuries such as broken legs or torn ACLs often require casts, expensive knee braces, and many trips to the doctor, all of which are hard to fake. Instead, focus on injuries like knee pain or a sprained ankle that you can probably treat at home.

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