Fake ID for Only Fans

OnlyFans welcomes everyone, but as long as you are of age. So, if you are of age but currently have no ID, the easy route out is to get a fake ID for Only Fans. Unfortunately, OnlyFans will not accept your explanation that you misplaced your ID, thus the reason for faking it. You should not use a fake ID in the first place. What some people normally do is operate as an agency and then use their employee’s ID. However, OnlyFans will be strict with the verification. Sometimes, they may require clear pictures of the person holding out their verification ID.

Can I Use a Fake ID on OnlyFans?

Fake ID for Only Fans

You can use a fake ID on OnlyFans but the real question is whether you will get caught or not. There is no guarantee that Onlyfans won’t fish you out. Moreover, it can be difficult to get a fake ID. If you do succeed in opening an OnlyFans account without an ID, you will need to create and upload some adult content. The next question is, “How will you do that?”

If you plan to use a fake ID for Only Fans, you will have to upload someone else’s content. Unfortunately, OnlyFans would be able to catch you because they sometimes ask for picture IDs to verify accounts, which includes a selfie with that picture ID.

Fake ID for Only Fans Alternative

Fake ID for Only Fans

So, rather than fake your ID, there may be a way out. In this post, I will take you through the process of getting verified on OnlyFans as a no-face creator. You need to create a Gmail account. Make sure that your usernames match across platforms. If you have both a free and a paid account, you’ll need two different email addresses.

Once you have your Gmail account, go to OnlyFans.com and create an account with your fake name, new email address, and password. Verify your email address and complete your profile by adding a header and avatar images. Fill out the “About Me” section. Next, confirm your country of residence and age.

For the verification process, agree to the personal data processing and use your phone to scan the provided code or enter your phone number to receive a link. Keep the window open while you use your phone. Choose your preferred identification method (passport or driver’s license) and take a selfie to confirm your identity. Once the data processing is complete, go back to your page and fill in your real first and last name for banking information.

You’ll also need to connect a social media account and provide photos of your identification. After submitting your information, it will take 24 to 48 hours for OnlyFans to review your application. You will receive an email notification once the process is complete.

Fake ID for Only Fans

Concealed fake ID for OnlyFans

If you still need a fake ID for Only Fans, you can go ahead and get one. However, there are no guarantees that OnlyFans won’t shut down your account.

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