How to hide a phone from a metal detector scanner in school/work

You want to hide a phone from a metal detector if you accidentally brought it or intend to sneak it in to school, the workplace, or a prom where phones are not allowed.

How to hide a phone from a metal detector

Generally, metal detectors measure deviation in a magnetic field and will tell what is under the detector based on how it deviates. Suppose you bury a few bars of silver, for example, they will show up on the detector. But there are some creative ways you can sneak a phone through metal detectors and not get caught at work or school by at least creating a false positive.

How to hide a phone from a metal detector

Consider the following ways to hide your phone from a metal detector:

1. Conceal it in bread or burger

One way on how to hide your phone from school scanners is to put your phone between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich. While working through the metal detector, make sure to be eating. If necessary or possible, stretch your hand away from the reach of the detector.

2. Case the phone

This won’t always work, but casing might help. You need bonding tape to wrap insulating material on your phone to keep hidden from the metal detector. According to EngineerSupply, metal detectors can only find metals 6 to 10 inches beneath the ground or any other insulated surface.

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Thus, your insulating material doesn’t have to be 10 inches thicker. The wand length of a metal detector is proportional to its sensitivity in some cases. So, metal detectors with shorter wands have lesser sensitivity.

3. Total separation

You can sneak phone past metal detector by keeping your phone in a congested place in your bag, such as in-between books with hardcover. This will work if the metal detector is less sensitive.

If the detector is sensitive enough to detect the phone, then you want to tape the insulated case containing the phone onto your cloth or body. First, study the operator closely to know how they use the device, then attach the phone where the operator is less likely to check.

4. Place the phone between metals

Consider placing your phone in another metal box and proclaiming “it is my toolbox”. Surround the toolbox with tools and other metal objects, then slip your phone in-between.

You could even use a set of baking pans or a safe deposit box. A set of cast iron frying pans will also do the job. Wrap them in the form of a gift, hide the phone inside and say it is a birthday gift.

You could also put your phone in a waterproof ziplock bag and store it in a flower vase filled with water. A styrofoam cooler with dry ice and steaks or a crate with a lawnmower is also a good place to hide and get your phone past a metal detector.

Ensure to properly shield the phone screen to avoid tampering with it.

5. Talk to the operator

Meet an operator and see if you can reach a deal with them. Explain why you need to get the phone inside and maybe they’ll let you get in with it.

If you get caught trying to sneak a phone past a metal detector, just say you weren’t aware of the phone in your bag. The detectors may provide a safe to store your phone until when you have to leave.

6. Quick switch

How do you stop a metal detector from detecting your phone? With the quick switch method, you can easily beat the scanner and get away with it since the security will no longer find the phone on you. However, you need an accomplice for this method to work. First, your accomplice gets past the metal detector and hangs around on the other side. Once the entry is clear, just rush in as if you forgot to use the metal detector. Quickly switch the phone with your accomplice before the operator calls you back to check the metal. Apologize for your bad manners and proceed to use the metal detector.

You’d need another metal stuff so that the operator thinks that is what caused the detection. Consider using a spoon or an empty can.

7. Use aluminum foil

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, so they are non-magnetic and non-magnetic properties are generally not detectable by metal detectors. Some people believe that aluminum foil won’t set off any detectors, but this is not absolutely true, sometimes, depending on the setting, it can.

Nevertheless, aluminium foil can hide your phone from a metal detector by forming a Faraday cage around the phone. The detector will then only see the aluminum cage. This explanation is the same for other metal, and not just aluminium. Note that the “blinding” method depends of some settings, for example, the frequency of the detector, energy, and form of the detector coil.

Even a pack of cigarettes can work as a foil because it is designed with a flavor-protective foil (see Wikipedia’s Cigarette pack), paper or plastic, and sealed through a transparent airtight plastic film. So, just place your phone in there if it’s small enough to fit in.

8. Disguise your phone as a brick of C4

The chance is that your cell phone may be detected even with a foil. Thus, consider disguising your cell phone as a brick of C4 by packing in a block of clay, then wrap it in plastic or waxed brown paper.

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