How to Sneak Your Phone into School

If you are so used to your cellphone, you will find yourself always trying to find new ways to sneak your phone into class. We have all been there, and I understand how important it is for you to get your phone inside the school. While this can get you in trouble, we are still going to explore some of the best ways to sneak your phone into school and not get caught. Nobody will suspect that you have a phone on you unless your body language sells you out. The only reason you are not allowed to take your phone to school is to avoid distraction. However, if you and your friend believe that a distraction is not going to happen, then it might make sense to experience the thrill and adrenaline that comes with using your phone while in class.

How to Sneak Your Phone into School

I have used each and every one of these methods all the time, and they work really well. You just need to work on your body language, because I noticed that it is one of the reasons students get caught. That said, below are the best methods to sneak your phone into school and get away with it.


1. Stuff Your Phone in a Book Inside Your Backpack

how to sneak your phone into school

The smartest way to enter the school with your phone is to stuff it in a book inside your backpack or large purse. First, you have to draw the shape of your phone, making sure the book is not too thick. If it’s too thick, the phone may fall inside the book. You will have to put a lot of pressure on yourself when cutting through the book. You can then use a little scotch tape to hold everything together.


This actually works like 100% of the time, and nobody will know that you have a phone on you. Besides, no staff or non-teaching staff is going to empty your bag and your books in search of your phone unless you have been caught several times.

If you ordinarily hide the phone in your bag, there is only a 99% chance that you’ll enter the school with it. If the remaining 1% fails, you’ll get caught. However, with the phone inside a book in your backpack, the chance of getting caught is only 1%. Even your parents can’t tell you to have a phone in your bag when you are leaving for school. You need a dictionary-size book you no longer use, as you can see in this picture. Cut the center large enough to contain your mobile phone. You also need chewing gum to hold the book from opening easily, but I prefer using clear tape. Make sure your phone is in silent mode, and avoid dropping your bag roughly.

2. Quickly Slip the Phone to a Friend as They Walk in

How to Sneak Your Phone into School image 2

If your school uses a metal detector, it’s tougher to get inside with your phone if the school prohibits it. However, you can perform a quick slip with a friend. So, we will explain how it works. Make sure to arrive at school with your friend. When your friend passes the detector, run up to them, hug them, and drop the phone in their pocket or backpack. When the operator calls you back to pass through the metal detector, pretend you forgot about it. Make sure your friend walks faster away from the scene to avoid being recalled. I wrote an article with tips on beating a school’s metal detector, so make sure to check it out.


3. Store a Spoon in Your Backpack

How to Sneak Your Phone into School image 3

For the third method on how to sneak your phone into school, you can use a spoon to disguise your phone in your backpack, especially if your school uses a metal detector. The chance of this method working is 50%, though. How does this method work? The metal detector will tell you that you have a phone with you. Since you want the phone in your backpack, place a spoon alongside your phone. The idea is that when the device detects the metal, you’ll tell the officer that it’s your metal spoon.

Unfortunately, the supervisor of the metal detector might ask you to go through the detector again. What do you do if the officer asks you to go through the detector again? Admit that you have a phone with you. Since you’re not inside the school, your phone won’t be seized.

4. Go to School Very Early

How to Sneak Your Phone into School image 4

If you leave for school early enough, the chance is that you might arrive earlier than the supervisor of the metal detector. This way, you can sneak your phone into school and not get caught. Most students use this method to sneak their phones inside the school because the staff is not very strict during these hours, or most of them are not in school yet. When you arrive at the school quite early, do not use the phone until break period.

5. Hide the Phone in Your Calculator or Crayon Box

How to Sneak Your Phone into School image 5

Another way to sneak your phone into school is under a calculator. It’s surprising, right? Just take a calculator, an old phone case, hot glue, and your phone. Stick the calculator to the case with the glue, wait a bit to make sure it sticks well, and then put your phone in it.

If using a calculator looks too difficult, you can use a crayon box, which is actually easier. People will think it’s just a box of crayons, but you know it’s more than that. You just need a crayon box, a small knife, and your phone. The crayon box should have two rows; that’s important. Trace your phone on the box and cut it to make a door. It’s something anyone can do. Remove the crayons from the back row, leaving only the front row. Now your hidden phone case is ready. Now you can stay in touch without school getting in the way. Cool, right?

6. Sneak Your Phone Into School in a Pencil Case

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So, here’s another trick to sneak your phone into class – hide it in a pencil case. It looks like a regular pencil case, but it’s not. It’s a clever disguise for your phone. You’ll need some cotton fabric, scissors, a cord, a hot glue gun, and elastic. First, decide how big you want your pencil case, then cut the fabric. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly straight. Fold the fabric in half and trim the edges to make a ‘T’ shape. Make sure your phone fits inside the case. Fold the fabric into three parts, marking the length of your phone to ensure a good fit, and do the same for the pencils. Cut holes on each side and press down firmly. Then, insert the elastic into the hole and secure it with the hot glue gun. Next, thread the cord through the hole, weaving it in and out. Now, glue the sides together to keep everything in place. If you’re not into DIY, you can always buy a pencil case like this—no hard feelings. Use plenty of glue. Feel free to apply your own creativity. Finally, put your pencils and phone inside, and you’re ready to go. Simple, right? No one will guess there’s a phone inside.

How to Use Your Phone in Class After Sneaking it into School

After sneaking your phone inside the school successfully, using it is another problem, and you might get caught if you’re not watchful. You may have read many tips online regarding how you can use your phone in school and not get caught. Some of those tips will get you caught. Below are the ways to use your phone in school without getting caught:

1. Set it in Silent Mode

Before you leave the house, put your phone in silent mode and disable vibration. It might feel like phone vibration is noiseless, but you’d be amazed at how loudly your phone can vibrate in a quiet room.

2. Turn Down the Brightness

You don’t need the brightness. Put it down and ensure to use the screen protector. A black screen protector is preferable to reduce the screen brightness further.

3. Bring Two Phones

Yes, you need two phones! However, one of the phones must be a fake phone. You can create a fake phone using cardboard, as seen below. You can refer to YouTube tutorials to learn how to make a phone with cardboard. The idea of bringing two phones to school is that when the teacher sees you with a phone, you’ll immediately switch it with the fake phone. If possible, slip your main phone to your friend. Make sure to craft the fake phone to look like the original. You’ll be using the fake phone the most and your main phone only when the environment is clear. If the purpose of using your phone in school is gaming, you can have your friends be on the lookout for an incoming teacher.

4. Place it on the Desk

The truth is that your teacher knows that a student or more students have their phones in the classroom. Most teachers just choose to overlook it, especially if the students are not making it obvious that they have their phones in class. That said, you want to keep your phone on the desk while using it. You can place it in your pencil pack but do not surround it with many books.

5. Fit Your Phone in a Book

You can use your phone while it remains stuffed in a book, as you can see below. When using your phone, sit in a position that makes it easier to notice a teacher. Do not sit near the window because a teacher might see you and walk towards you unknowingly. When a teacher approaches you, use another leaf of the book to cover the phone.

6. Use the Bathroom

During the break, you can use the bathroom. If you are planning a gaming campaign with friends or yourself, the bathroom is the best place. Make sure you do not overstay it.

7. Stash the Phone in a Pencil Pack

If you have a pencil pack, you can stash your phone in it while in school. Of course, you’d be putting it on the desk. Make sure the pencil pack camouflages with the color of your phone to reduce visibility. For example, if your phone is white, you need a white pencil pack for a matching color that reduces the phone’s visibility.

8. Give it to a Friendly Staff Member

You can recruit a student-friendly staff member to keep your phone. Most of the time, a non-teaching staff is the best option. However, you must appreciate the staff with money (if necessary). Giving your phone to staff is the best option since you do not have to worry about a sudden phone search in class.

9. Pin Your Phone Using Chewing Gum

Depending on where you sit and the desk’s structure, you can build a hiding place under the desk. Your building material is a pack or packs of chewing gum that can hold your phone onto the desk. Ensure to put your phone in a rubber case or pack to glue the phone firmly.

How Not to Hide Your Phone in School

You have learned innovative ways to hide your phone in school in the section above. However, some methods are not recommendable. Below are some ways to not hide your phone in school:

  1. Don’t stash your phone in your pocket.
  2. Don’t stash your phone directly in your backpack (stash it in a book or pencil case).
  3. Don’t tie the phone to your arm without wearing a trench coat.
  4. Don’t stash your phone in your stockings or socks if you’re not wearing a pair of trousers or pants.
  5. Do not hide your phone under your skirt without switching it off. According to the FDA, your phone emits low levels of non-ionizing radiation. Prolonged skin exposure to radiation may not be okay.
  6. Don’t stuff your phone in your tie.
  7. Don’t hide your phone at the teacher’s desk.
  8. Don’t stash your phone in the bin.

What to Do if You’re Caught Using a Phone in School

You’re too smart to get caught, but what if you get caught? Do the following if you get caught using a phone in school:

Don’t Deny It

When a teacher sees you with a phone in school, do not deny it if it’s too late. Nonetheless, if you have the time to switch the original phone with your second fake phone, do it; however, if the teacher fixes their eyes on you, turn in your actual phone.

Put on a Sorry Look

While giving the phone to the teacher, put on a regretful look. Most teachers will avoid making eye contact to keep them from pardoning you. Do not hesitate to hand over the phone. Besides, the teacher won’t smash your phone on the wall or keep it forever.

Admit Your Mistake

The teacher might ask why you have a phone in school. Explain that you’re sorry and did not mean to disrespect the school. If the teacher asks how you managed to sneak your phone inside the school, say that you had it in your pocket. Do not disclose any of the tricks mentioned in this article to the teacher. Anyway, your teacher might as well be reading this article.

Make an Honest Excuse

After admitting your error, you can spice it up with an excuse. It must not be a flimsy excuse, except you want to annoy the teacher. An example of believable excuses you can use:

I had to meet a friend after school, so we go home together. However, I needed my phone to call, inform them when I was out of school, locate and go home with them.

You can also say that you needed to collect a large media file from someone after school. It can be a movie, a song collection, etc. There are just many reasonable excuses out there, but avoid a flimsy one. If you need more, use the comment section, and you’ll be answered within an hour. We’d give you many reasonable excuses.

Talk to the Teacher

After a while, meet the teacher. They won’t scream at you, especially if you’re a respectful student. Promise it won’t happen again. In most cases, the teacher still has the phone on them. Some teachers will hand the phone to the school management for confiscation, but it’s not common, except if you’ve been annoying the teacher. Your teachers are humans, too. They are bigger and smarter, and they understand you’re just “being a student.”

How Long Can a School Confiscate Your Phone?

How long a school can confiscate your phone depends on the school regulations, teachers, and school management. Mostly, a school keeps a confiscated phone until the end of the day, or they will request that you bring a parent or guardian to retrieve it. Your school may threaten to keep the phone till the end of the session, but it’s just a threat, especially because you were not caught cheating in an exam or test with it. Meanwhile, you may be interested in how you can cheat on a test with your phone!

Your record as a student also determines how long the school keeps your phone. If you’re a good student, you’ll most likely get the phone the same day with a warning. Also, if it’s your first time getting caught with a phone in school, you’ll be pardoned easily. If you’ve been caught several times, the school can confiscate the phone for a week or until the end of the term or session.


So, there you go with some of the stealthy ways to sneak your phone into school. These methods actually work as long as you are careful enough not to get caught. You also have to be vigilant so nobody steals your phone at school.

Before you leave this page, you might be interested in how a student can change their grades online! Do not use your phone while a class is ongoing!

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