How to Cheat on a Test with Phone

Circumstances can force you to cheat during a test! Don’t worry; this article reveals the methods regarding how to cheat on a test with phone and other electronic accessories.

how to cheat on a test with phone

Cheating on a test does not make you incapable of handling real-life tasks. It just means you either underperform theoretically or you did not prepare for the test.


Consider the web development industry. Many web developers with minimal academic qualifications are excellent in their field or jobs; they offer world-class web development and management.

It’d interest you to know that I have worked with many people with excellent degrees from universities who find it challenging to apply their knowledge to tasks.


Back to our subject! You will not get caught cheating if you’re careful and watchful. However, a backup plan is important in case the events turn out otherwise. Of course, it wouldn’t be okay for the teacher to find cheating evidence in your phone if you must deny it.

Do you think you would be the only person cheating on a test with your phone? Your next-desk colleague(s) could be cheating too!

Donald McCabe surveyed 24,000 students at 70 high schools and found that 64% of students cheat on a test, 58% were involved in plagiarism and 95% admitted engaging in some form of cheating – cheating on a test, copying homework, or plagiarism.

Apparently, you won’t be the only student cheating on the test, but that does not make it proper.


How to Cheat on a Test with Phone

This section covers the various ways you can cheat on a class test with your phone and get away with it. Below are the methods regarding how to cheat on a test with a phone:

  1. Tape the Phone Between Your Legs

Use Bluetooth and phone to cheat

In this class test cheating method, you need a text-to-speech app installed on your device. Some persons recommend placing the phone on your desk, but it’s not advisable, except the lecturer or professor is not strict. You will tape the phone between your legs instead. Wear a loose skirt, trousers, or baggy to keep the phone from being visible.

Now, to access your cheating material, increase the volume and activate the text-to-speech app. To keep the teacher or other students from knowing you’re cheating, you need a small Bluetooth earpiece.

You might think wearing a hat or hood will help, but no! It only makes you suspicious. You need a raised collar shirt or polo so that you can bury your neck slightly.

Step 1

Download Text to Speech App

There are numerous text-to-speech apps on the iOS and Android stores. Just search “text to speech” and pick the app with the most rating. You can download multiple apps to test which have helpful features. Note that you must be able to set up the app to read slowly and select male and female voices.

Step 2

Write Your Note

When you decide what text-to-speech app has the best features, write your notes in the app. Note that some apps can read texts in other apps, but reading the points within your text-to-speech app is better.

You do not have to write down the entire note in the app. For each topic, create a note section with minimal and relevant points only.

Step 3

Record the Sound

If you’re okay with the app reading the note, that’s OK, but it’s better to have a record of the app. Some audio record formats can’t be skipped while playing, so you must test out what recording format you can control.

Make sure to record the notes independently. You can set your audio player to repeat, such that it’ll read all the points quickly to help you cheat on the test. If you record an entire note, you won’t be helping yourself, and you must beat the test duration.

Step 4

Setting Up the Earpiece/Earphone

Whether your earphone is wireless or wired, you must wear a long sleeve with a collar regardless of your gender. If it’s a wired earphone, the cable must run inside the sleeve of your shirt. So, you will be hiding the earphone in the wrist button, such that you can place it on your ears to listen to the voice record. You should also be able to access the earphone in your palm.

If you’re a female wearing a wig or your hair is on fleek, you may place the earphone in your hair. However, it’s better to have it inside your sleeve.

Step 5

Test and Backup Plan

Before you cheat on a test using this method, rehearse your steps.

Regarding the backup plan, make sure you can easily drop the earphone inside your cloth. Also, your cloth must be tucked in so that the earphone does not drop on the floor!

  1. Hide Phone in a Calculator

Ways to cheat on a test using phone
Remember to lower the brightness

If you are writing a test that requires a calculator or something similar, cheating on the test with your phone is even easier. However, if the test does not require a calculator, the supervisor might be suspicious and require that you put it aside.

Step 1

Buy a Calculator

Let’s assume the test permits a calculator. In this method, your calculator will become a cheating phone for the test. How? Instead of writing the test with a calculator, you will rip the calculator and insert a phone in it.

Purchase a calculator online. It should be a thick calculator so that it can contain the phone.

Step 2

Buy an Extra-Sleek Smartphone

Search “extra sleek phone” on online or eBay. Make sure the phone is short and, perhaps, uses physical buttons.

Step 3

Prepare Your Note

You can prepare your note for the test by snapping or writing them. Alternatively, you can use the internet to browse answers to the test question.

Step 4

Insert Phone in Calculator

You have a calculator and smartphone ready. Rip the calculator according to the size of the phone and bury the phone in it. Reduce the phone brightness and enable silent mode.

Alternatively, you can purchase a “calculator phone”. Yes, a calculator phone is a calculator-looking device with smartphone features. Except the supervisor inspects calculators closely, they can’t tell that you’re carrying a smartphone. Instead, they will think you’re figuring out answers to the questions.

Step 5

Backup Plan

Regarding the backup plan, you need a big chewing gum. Since you’re using a sleek phone, when you suspect a search, add the gum at the back of the phone and attach it under your desk or any hidden spot around you. Only do take this route if you can’t insert it in your cloth.

  1. Fake Using the Toilet

How can I use my phone during a test
Don’t waste time in the toilet!

There are three ways to cheat on a test using this method. It also depends on the distance between your classroom and the class test.

First, you will hide a phone in the restroom and hope that nobody finds it. Of course, they’d give the phone to the authorities to give to the owner, or even steal it.

Secondly, you can have a friend hang around or hide in the restroom. When you lie about urinating or having a running stomach, you will rush to the toilet, grab your phone and get the points needed for the test.

Thirdly, you can stuff the phone in your pocket. Switch it off so that if the supervisor sees it on you, you can say it’s off. You may tape the phone between your legs.

The disadvantage of this method is that you have to read for the test. The essence of stuffing your phone in the restroom is to access it to remind yourself about the forgotten answers.

Step 1

Decide a Stuffing Method

From the three methods above, decide which is suitable for you. Hiding your phone in the bathroom, toilet, or restroom is not advisable because someone might pick it up.

Step 2

Tell the Supervisor You Must Use the Restroom

The supervisor will stop you from leaving with your answer booklet. That’s okay. You just have to pick up the points you missed on your phone while in the room.

For this method regarding how to cheat on a test with phone to work, you must read in preparation for the class test.

  1. Camouflage Phone in Pencil Case

How a student can cheat with phone and get away with it

You can also cheat on a test with a phone by camouflaging it in your pencil case. You can use this cheating method even on a non-mathematics test since it’s different from a calculator.

The requirement for this method is a black pencil case and a small phone. Depending on the nature of the test, you can either snap your note points or use the internet to write out answers during the test.

Below are the steps to camouflage your phone in a pencil test and cheat during a test:

Step 1

Buy Pencil Case and Small Phone

Purchase a pencil case online. Ensure it is black to reduce the visibility of your phone on the desk. Buy a small and sleek smartphone with cellular data connectivity. Since the phone is small, you’d have to zoom the screen to copy the note you snapped. Alternatively, you can type in the note or use the internet during the test.

Step 2

Get a New SIM Card

The reason for a new SIM card is so that people do not call your phone during the test. You also need a SIM card to access the internet.

Step 3

Hide the Phone

Avoid a transparent pencil case. Bury the phone in the pencil case and put about 2-3 pencils/pens on top of the phone to hide it.

Viola, your setup is complete, and the teacher or test supervisor can’t tell that you have a phone on you during the test. Ensure to turn down the brightness and silence the phone. Disable vibration and keypad tones.

During the test, keep the phone inside the pencil test. Make sure it camouflages.

  1. Use a Spy Earpiece

App to cheat on test with Android phone

A spy earpiece is a modern way to cheat on a test using an Android or iOS phone. An iOS is not recommended, though, except if you own a small-sized iPhone like iPhone 4 or SE.

Most spy earpieces support Bluetooth and inductive transmitters and are small in size, meaning the test invigilator can’t tell that you have it on you.

Using a spy earpiece, you wear a tiny micro earpiece hidden in your ear channel or passage. The small device stays connected to an inductive transmitter handled by your person somewhere. It looks like a neck loop you wear under your cloth or a stylish glass or Bluetooth pen. The inductive transmitter is then connected to an MP3 player or mobile phone in your pocket or handled by your person outside the test room. Having longer hair is a bonus because it easily hides the spy earpiece.

If using an MP3 player or stuffing a mobile phone in your pocket, you will leave it in audio player mode to play the note while you write.

Alternatively, you can have someone communicate with you outside the test room. You read the test question; the person repeats the question as you said them and then reads the answer.

A spy earpiece uses no wires so you can wear a short sleeve, but a long sleeve is most recommended. Make sure to practice your setup before introducing it during the test.

The backup plan is to add a giant-sized chewing gum on the phone and attach it to a hidden surface around you. You can also hide the phone in your cloth.

How Not to Get Caught Cheating on a Test with a Phone

Depending on your abilities, you can evade getting caught. Below are ways not to get caught cheating with a phone on a test:

  • Lower phone screen brightness.
  • Your device must be silent.
  • Make sure the phone or other accessories (earpiece, Bluetooth, etc.) camouflages with your body or the pack you place on the desk.
  • Do not use an old SIM card to avoid phone calls.
  • Ensure not to tell a friend, except necessary.
  • Be confident and do not make eye contact with the supervisor.
  • Sit in the central part or by the side of the test room center (Avoid the front seats if possible).
  • Retain a decent sitting position.
  • Look around the test room momentarily.
  • Have a backup plan (plan B).

Your backup plan must be realistic.

How to Deal with Getting Caught Cheating During a Test with Phone

What if you get caught? Well, you’re too smart to get caught, except you were not careful enough. WikiHow also suggests some useful tips to deal with getting caught cheating on a test. Below are the ways how to get out of getting caught cheating on a test with a phone:

Deny the Cheating

Consider the teacher’s evidence against you. For example, if the teacher found out about your phone in the pencil case, it will be difficult to talk yourself out. However, suppose the teacher caught you with a Bluetooth device and your phone is not in the test room; you can deny cheating. Simply disconnect the device as fast as you can. You can say that you forgot to leave the Bluetooth at home and that is not connected to anything. Since you have no phone on you, the supervisor has nothing against you.

Alternatively, you can lock the phone and refuse to unlock it. The school holds no evidence against you, but you’ll be penalized for entering the test with your phone if it’s against the rule of conduct.

Confess to the Violation

Confessing the violation is not recommended because you might be given a regrettable punishment. But if, for instance, the supervisor finds your phone and sees the snapped notebook or internet history, you have no firm argument against them.

Since the evidence is glaring, do not lie to the teacher; otherwise, they will become strict. Be remorseful and seek forgiveness, especially if you have a good relationship with the teacher.

You can come up with excuses like being sick and tempted to cheat since you failed to prepare for the test. Make sure your reasons are honest, such that you can defend yourself. Or, you can say that you were overwhelmed by the course materials and could not get your colleagues to tutor you. If the test questions were taught in class the day you left school earlier, consider these excuses for leaving the school early.

Deal with the Penalty

The school authority will summon you for questioning. Do not be dodgy. Repeat the same statements you gave the teacher to confirm your honesty.

If you’re facing expulsion or suspension from school, be aware of the school rules and regulations. Most schools would only suspend a student or have them repeat the subject or course. What if getting caught makes your school grade get worse? Well, how about changing your grades online permanently? Not recommended, though.


How can I cheat on a test without getting caught on my phone?

You can cheat on a test with your phone without getting caught by placing the phone between your thighs, or camouflaging it in a pencil case. An alternative is to text the test answers to yourself before the test. Make sure to silenc your phone, as well as reduce the screen brightness before the test.

Final Thoughts

Cheating on a test with a phone is not a good idea. However, it may be your only option not to repeat the course. If you haven’t prepared for the test, inform the teacher. Explain your reasons, and they may reschedule a test for you for another day. Also, if friends invited you for a hangout, tell them these believable excuses not to hangout, including that you have a challenging class test.

But before you use a phone in the test room, refer to your school’s handbook for the penalty.

If you can take the risk, then you must be careful, watchful, and confident. The nature of the test should determine how you cheat using your phone.

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Meanwhile, while writing the answers from the internet or your snapped notebook points, do not plagiarize. You can avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing every sentence.

Now, you know how to cheat on a test with phone. The next important thing to learn is how you can sneak your phone into school.

Cheating on a test with a phone causes an adrenaline rush. Just be confident and you’d get away with it.

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