How to get into a club without ID

It can be hard to get into a club without ID, but there are a few things you can try to outsmart the doorman. You should also understand that entering a club with no ID is against the law and could lead to fines or even jail time. Clubs do have the right to turn you away for any reason, such as if they think that you are using a fake ID or trying to get in with no ID at all.

How to get into a club without ID

Doormen are beatable and you’ll be one of those to outsmart them after reading the tips here for you.


1. Use a fake ID

A fake ID is a common method people try to get into a club without ID. It can be a piece of plastic that you make to look like a real ID from the government, such as a driver’s license or passport. Fake IDs can be purchased from many places, including websites and people selling them on the street.

However, using a fake ID is against the law and can lead to fines and even jail time. Also, even if you get into the club with a fake ID, you could still get caught and have to deal with the consequences such as being embarrassingly kicked out.


2. Find a club that won’t check IDs

You can get into clubs without IDs by going to clubs that don’t check IDs or that have loose rules about ID checks. Some clubs might not check IDs at the door, or they might only check IDs sporadically throughout the night.

At such bars, you can try to get into the club without being seen. This strategy is risky though because clubs have the right to turn anyone away for any reason. If you are caught, they could kick you out of the club and even ban you from ever coming back.

3. Use the bouncer hook-up trick

Bouncer hook-ups are another way to get into a club without ID. For this to work, you need to find someone who works at the club or knows someone who does and ask them to let you in without an ID. This approach can be effective, but it’s also risky because the person who lets you in could get in trouble if the management finds out that you have no means of identity. 

4. Get in through the backdoor

Consider using the back door to get into the club with no ID at all. This involves finding a way to enter the club through a back entrance or an entrance that is not being monitored by the doormen. This strategy is, however, risky and not always reliable because the back door might be guarded or watched. Some clubs use cameras, so you have to look out for that too.


5. Pay off the doorman

No ID, no problem. But only if you have the cash to pay off the bouncer. This is against the law and unethical though. If you get caught, you could face serious consequences.

A lot of people have used this method to get into a club without an ID in the past and still do. If you decide to use this method, you should be quiet and make sure the doorman is willing to take the money before you give it to him or her. They are more likely to let you in if you don’t look like a teen.

6. Have someone vouch for you

Find someone who is already in the club to vouch for you—it works if you are an adult. The person could be a friend, a family member, or even someone you already know who is inside.

If you can find someone who will vouch for you, they may be able to convince the bouncer to let you in even though you don’t have an ID for them to verify your age.

7. Just be charming

You can get into any clubhouse if you are charming on your way in. This can be done with compliments, humor, or just by being friendly and confident.

Some people have found that if they smile and act friendly toward the doorman, they are more likely to be let into the club, even as a teen. If the bouncer is in a good mood, this method is more likely to work.

8. Wait till the bouncer is busy

You might be able to get into a club without ID if you can just wait until the bouncer or security guard is busy or distracted.

This method involves waiting until the bouncer or security guard is busy with other people and then quickly getting past them into the club.

9. Use a fake name

A fake name can get you into any club without an ID in your name. However, the other form of ID on you should be the same name you will give the security guard.

You’ll also give the bouncer or security guard a fake date of birth, typically over 18 or 21+. In California, for example, you have to be 21 to be allowed in, otherwise, the club can be guilty of a misdemeanor.

So, just make up a name and birth date that are similar. This method can work, but keep in mind that the bouncer or security guard may ask for more proof of identity to make sure the person is who they say they are.

10. Get in with your friend’s ID

You can also use a friend’s ID to get into a club when you don’t have one. This method works best if the person whose ID you are using is about the same age and has your looks. Just borrow your friend’s ID and use it to get into the club, but it’s against the law though, but less likely to lead to serious problems, compared to using a fake ID.

11. Arrive early

If you get to the club early, you might be able to get in without an ID.

Just arrive early in the evening, before the club gets too busy and loud. Bouncers are often less strict at the early hours like 8-9 pm. If you get there early, you might have more time to talk to the doorman and explain why you don’t have your ID.

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You might be given some kind of exemption if they believe that you are of legal age to be at the bar. Also, getting there early can give you more time to find other ways to prove who you are or come up with a plan B.

12. Just be honest and polite

When you approach the bouncer or doorman, be honest and explain your situation.

Tell them that you’ve lost your ID, but you still want to get into the club. Be kind and polite, and don’t start fights or act aggressively irrespective of their attitude. Remember that the bouncer is just doing his or her job and is in charge of keeping the venue safe and secure, as well as being law-abiding.

13. Mind your dressing

Just dress right—it can help a lot if you want to get into a club without ID. Make sure you are dressed nicely and according to the club’s dress code. Don’t wear anything too casual or revealing.

14. Bring other forms of ID

Bring other forms of ID to prove your identity. Even if you have lost your driver’s license or passport, you may be able to show the bouncer another form of identification. For example, you could bring your student ID, your work ID, or a credit card with your name and photo on it. Even though these aren’t as good as a government-issued ID, they can still help you prove who you are and increase your chances of getting in.

15. Walk away

If you try everything and still can’t get into the club without ID, it might be best to just give up and leave. Trying to get in without the right ID can get you in trouble with the law, so it may not be worth the risk. Instead, think about going somewhere else where they don’t ask for ID.

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It is illegal to get into a club without an ID, and you could get fined or even go to jail for it. Also, you could still be caught later and have to deal with the consequences. So, if you want to get into a club, it’s best to have a valid government-issued ID to get you in and keep you from getting in trouble. Meanwhile, if you come out drunk, I made tips for you to outsmart your parents when drunk.

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