How to sneak a phone into a mental hospital

Tomorrow, you will be going to the psychiatric ward and need to know how to sneak a phone into a mental hospital. Given that 98% of your friends are on social media,  such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, not having my phone will make you feel terrible. And, perhaps you have been in a psychiatric ward before but are new to this sneaking situation, and could use some advice or suggestions. Well, I have the tips to offer, just in case.

How to sneak a phone into a mental hospital

How to sneak a phone into a mental hospital


The policies regarding personal items such as a phone in the psychiatric ward can vary between facilities. Below are the steps to sneak a phone into a mental hospital:

1. Hide your phone in your bra or Ziploc


Typically, there is a thorough search that includes a strip search, making it harder to bring in a phone. However, the search can be less invasive in some cases, allowing you to keep your underwear and bra on. In such cases, wearing a bra that is thick or able to conceal the shape of the phone, such as a push-up or a structured sports bra, could be helpful. Alternatively, I recall someone who used a Ziploc bag to hide their phone and carried it in a discreet “natural pocket” if you know what I mean.

2. Bring two phones but surrender one

Some years ago, someone underwent inpatient treatment in the Teen Ward. Upon his arrival, he was required to surrender all his electronic devices. To comply with this policy, he gave the mental hospital an old phone he had lying around and kept his actual phone in his toiletry bag. This strategy was effective until the individual he shared a room with revealed his actions.

3. Hide it in your underwear

To sneak a phone into a mental hospital, you can keep your phone in your underwear—this could be an option. However, keep in mind that you will be required to change into scrubs upon admission, which means your clothes will be taken away. If the facility conducts a thorough strip search where you have to remove all clothing while a nurse holds up a sheet, this hiding method may not work. In some experiences, this type of search only occurs when someone is placed on a 5150 hold.

4. Sneak it in your shoes

I would recommend purchasing a pair of shoes, such as Crocs, and removing the sole if your phone is narrow enough. Hollow out enough space to fit a phone and glue the sole back in place. However, be careful during the gluing process to avoid any giveaway signs of tampering.


Repeat the process for the other shoe, making sure the cut line resembles a factory-made design. To achieve similar weight distribution, fill the hollowed-out space of the second shoe with sand or any other desired material.

5. Have someone pass it to you

Arrange for someone to meet you at an AA meeting and pass it to you discreetly. The rehab facility is unlikely to search you since they assume you are being monitored constantly. Alternatively, consider having it left for you in the restroom.

6. Get it hidden within the rehab

Ask someone to hide it in a spot just beyond the rehab’s premises where you frequently walk or can reach easily. Alternatively, if there is a fence or wall, request someone to drop it on the rehab side of the barrier.

If you have permission to leave the rehab facility, try to obtain a pass and drop it off on the property yourself. However, if you are in a lockdown situation, this option may not be feasible and could pose a more significant challenge to sneaking a phone into a mental hospital.

7. Talk to a non-clinical employee

While it’s possible to bribe a low-level, non-clinical employee to obtain it for you, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this could be risky. It’s only recommended to attempt this if you have an existing relationship with the employee and are aware of the potential consequences, such as getting caught.

8. Just bring your phone without sneaking

If you are caught with one, simply bring it in and refuse to surrender it. It’s unlikely that they will try to physically take it from you and instead may attempt to negotiate or threaten expulsion. If you are receiving payment through insurance or cash, it’s even less likely that you will be asked to leave.

Assure them that you will use it responsibly and offer to surrender it if they find that you are not. You can also offer a false passcode and claim that you misspoke if they attempt to access it.

9. Be upfront

Rather than attempting to sneak your phone into a mental hospital, the best approach is to ask for permission. If you get caught attempting to hide your phone, it may be confiscated, causing additional stress and potentially worsening your situation. It’s always better to be upfront about your needs and ask for accommodations or alternatives that are available to you within the facility’s policies.

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Why do mental hospitals take your phone?

The purpose of not allowing phones in most rehab facilities is not to prevent you from communicating with others, as many of these facilities offer free phone services. Rather, it is for liability reasons. Like how you cannot walk into someone’s therapy session and start recording, anything that happens inside a rehab facility is meant to be confidential.

Also, distractions from phones could negatively impact both patients and providers and can undo the progress made through hospital-provided therapies and treatments.

In general, apart from liability, other reasons why mental hospitals take your phone include privacy (such as patients potentially using Instagram to post images of other patients), clinical matters (such as patients choosing to isolate themselves and avoid participating in group activities), and safety concerns (such as patients potentially breaking the screen glass and using it for self-harm purposes).

Just a piece of advice

If you feel the need to sneak a phone into a mental hospital, it’s an indication that there may be an issue with it. Rules are in place for a reason, and it’s not up to individuals to determine what is or isn’t appropriate. Understand that patients in the mental hospital may behave unpredictably, and anything that could pose a risk to their safety or recovery is prohibited for a good reason.

Breaking the rules could lead to negative consequences, including accountability. It’s best to follow the facility’s policies and procedures to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved.


If you do manage to sneak a phone into a mental hospital or the psychiatric ward, remember to disable any sound or alert notifications. You don’t want a friendly greeting to accidentally expose your plan! If you get caught as a visitor, you may be banned from visiting.

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