11 Player Tips to Revenge on a Guy Who Played You

It’s very natural for you to get hurt if you have been played. Also, understand that someone who plays you has low self-esteem, and that is because they find happiness in other people’s sadness. Usually, such a person may come back into your life and repeat the exact same thing – leaving you heartbroken. But in this article, I promise you that won’t happen again. We are going to talk about how to revenge on a guy who played you.

If you asked the average person to advise you, they would say, “Move on; it is not worth it.” But they are not always right. Your ego seeks vengeance, and to unpin the hurt, you want to torment this player of a guy. Even though you may be struggling to manage your feelings, you want to keep your emotions in check. Being aggressive or vindictive will only bring more wins to the guy who played you. But before you see these player tips, know this: your happiness, success, getting in shape, and moving forward are the best ways to take revenge.


How to Revenge on a Guy Who Played You

how to revenge on a guy who played you

Your first good move is acknowledging that you were played. Now, do the following to this player as revenge:


1. Consider if Revenge is Worth it

Seeking revenge can force you to play dirty. First, determine if it is worth it to clap back at the guy for playing you. Determine your motivations and what you would gain from revenge. Note that revenge can increase your anger or even make you deal unfairly with others. You want to be careful not to alter your perception of others over this one guy. Consider the situation that makes you think you were played to know if it warrants revenge. You would need to think long and hard before making the move.

2. Get Rid of the Guy’s Photos

He played you, but that does not mean you were completely erased from their memory. They still think of you and, perhaps, have photos of you, but you no longer need theirs right now. Start by removing tags of you from pictures of them you were tagged on social media. In this way, you will not be tempted to post these pictures of them. It is not good advice if anyone says you should post photos of them, even if they are unflattering. It would only mean “seeking and craving their attention,” which is not what revenge is all about.

Get rid of their photos in your gallery. If you need to keep any of them, store them in a specific folder in your cloud storage. Of course, you can barely access that. If you feel tempted to post their pictures, then do so on spam forums. But you may only be making them trendy.

3. Sign the Guy Up for Email Spam

You want to crash their party by signing them up for various newsletters and spam. You only need their valid email address. There are lots of spam sites out there looking to market products and services. Unfortunately, some of these spam websites will attempt to phish their private information, such as bank details. The idea is to keep their email inbox messy. They would be waking up to hundreds or thousands of unsolicited email notifications they knew nothing about. You can also sign them up on adult sites. This should take you a few minutes. Note also that some of the spam emails will end up in their spam boxes, but a good, annoying number of them will make it to their primary inbox.


4. Publish Their Phone Numbers

You can also get revenge on a guy who played you by publishing their phone numbers online or printing and pasting the numbers on the street. You want to be completely anonymous so that they never know it is you. Suppose you want to publish their phone numbers all over Facebook. Create an anonymous Facebook account for it. Sign up on forums and publish the phone numbers. Unfortunately, internet scammers will use the number to contact them to phish for their bank details and other personal information. Make a simple poster with their phone numbers on it and write there “Call Me”. They would start receiving phone calls from strangers they did not know – it can be really annoying.

5. Flirt with the People They Know

Your next move should be to flirt with people the guy knows, including their friends and relatives. Perhaps they played you, indeed, but it hurts them to see you happy with people they know—friends and relatives. You want him to be jealous or insecure. And the guy may even get the impression that you were not loyal in the first place. Also, they will develop some sort of hatred for the friends you flirt with for accepting you so closely. Their ego believes that none of their friends should have anything to do with you, especially if they confided in those friends that they played you. Start a conversation with their friend and behave flirtatiously. You can casually brush their arm, make eye contact, hug gently, or hold their hands. Be in control and attach no emotions to it.

6. Tip the Police About Their Illegal Activities

If they are into drugs or some illegal activity that you know of, tip your local law enforcement agency anonymously. Use an anonymous email address to report what you know. Share pictures and video proof, if any. Before attaching the images and videos, clear the EXIF data with any EXIF removal application or software to erase any stored location information in the shared media.

7. Kick Them Out of Their Job

You can have the guy kicked out of their job if you believe they deserve it. However, if the job is what they need to keep their heads above water, do not go after it. The only justifiable reason will be if they are abusive. You also want to anonymously gather data about their attitude at work. If they regularly use bad words at work, pay someone to provoke them. Their reaction will cause the company to question their attitude. Here is an extensive guide for kicking someone out of their work as revenge.

8. Give Them a Bad Date

So, the 8th way to take revenge on a guy who played you The point is to embarrass the guy who played you in front of their new romantic interest. Suppose the guy is on a date. You want to do something to embarrass him or even make their new romantic interest question the relationship. Walk up to him and loudly ask about an embarrassing item he left at your apartment. It could be their dirty boxers or adult toys. Be nice to the new girl. Your focus should be on the player guy to give the new girl a bad impression about them.

9. Ignore Their Messages

They would not play you in the first place if you were his priority. Coming back does not also mean they will not play you a second time if they have to. Simply ignore him, even if you meet him in person. Talking to them gives the impression that you are ready to be played again. Do not return their phone calls, texts, or emails, and cut them off your social media accounts. Do not block them, though. Even if you did, unblock them after some time. Allow them to waste their time in your inbox without a response. You could even post those screenshots online, but ensure to cover their profile picture and name.

10. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself and improving yourself is the best way to get revenge on a guy who played you. Start working out to look and feel better. Stick to a form of exercise you enjoy doing the most and associate with other people working out. Make sure to seek the doctor’s advice before starting a new program to avoid straining your body. Do other things that attract happiness, such as going out, seeing a movie with friends, and visiting your family.

Happiness is always the best form of revenge when played by a guy, and your happiness makes your ex sad, which is partly pride and ego. You want to make the most of the present situation and move forward. Remember the good things about your life and focus on your career, social life, and hobbies.

11. Consider Letting it Go

Give yourself time to heal and consider forgiveness. You don’t have to agree with the guy’s play, but you can take comfort in the fact that he is just a human doing what humans do. Describe their action as a “mistake,” not in a way to justify playing you but as a way to help you find closure. Keep in mind that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but of the ability to overcome negative emotions such as vengeance.


So, there you go – 11 tips that will help you to have your revenge on a guy who played you and make them regret ever messing with you. The best method is your happiness. Seriously, your happiness beats everything; it does not matter whomever he ends up with. It just matters what you think of yourself. So, let it go, and do not let them get back in again. At least, not so easily.

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