How to make your parents feel bad

If you really need to make your parents feel bad, the goal is to be independent for the time being. You want to complete every task on your own, including laundry, cooking, cleaning your room, etc., to make your parents feel as if you don’t need them. This will certainly hurt their feelings, and also prepare you for the future when you’ll have your own home and responsibilities.

How to make your parents feel bad

So, how do you make your parents feel guilty for yelling at you? Here are simple-to-do things that make every parent feel bad.


1. Blank them out

Just don’t say anything, don’t respond to whatever they say, and don’t seek their assistance. For instance, if they enter the room you’re in, leave without paying any attention to them.

2. Don’t laugh if they make you to

Look away sadly whenever they look at you and try to make you laugh. Don’t also smile. Remember that the goal is to appear depressed whenever your parents are around you. Try to hold it in if they try to make you laugh. Alternatively, simply exit the room, but only do so politely.


3. Skip their meals

Don’t eat anything or don’t let them see you eat anything. If they ask what you want to eat or where you want to go today, just say “nothing” in a sad tone. If possible, take snacks in their absence to avoid starving. You can try sneaking in food when they are not looking.

Try eating in a room away from your parents. If they force you to sit at the table with them, just pick at your food, looking depressed and hurt. The temporary goal is to make it appear as if your parents do not exist.

4. Put up a “no entry” sign on your door

Suppose your mother hurt you and you want her to feel guilty. Leave a legible sign on your door saying she is not allowed in your room. You can put there “No moms allowed in here”. Also, you may want to give her the cold shoulder whenever she approaches you. In other words, don’t waste your time with her.

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5. Do everything yourself

The goal here is to ignore your parents to make them feel bad. Some parents will come around if you stay independent between 1-4 days. Up to 3-4 days is a long time to go through such treatment, and most parents will not be able to handle it.

6. Be over-dramatic

You can become dramatic in the household by simply nodding your head to everything your parents say. Also, combine this with doing things yourself to make your parents feel bad and guilty.

If they question why you’re behaving this way, explain your feelings to them and then cry. Your parents will ask what is wrong. Be sad and say something that makes them feel guilty, such as “I just feel like no one loves me anymore.” If they dismiss your feelings, go back to ignoring them until they apologize and try to make a positive change.

7. Just talk to them about it

I saved the best for the last. The best thing to do is to talk to your parents about what they did instead of making them feel bad, except you have toxic parents. Per WebMD, you’ll know you have toxic parents if they are self-centered, overreact, seek control, harshly criticize, or lack boundaries.

So, instead of making your parents feel bad, try to calmly talk to them about the problem politely and nicely. Be the best you can to their standards.

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Final thoughts

You don’t want your parents to feel bad or guilty—just tell them straight up what’s wrong and let them know how their actions have hurt or disappointed you. Have an open conversation to get you everything you want.

Keep in mind that one day you will be self-sufficient, and when you are, you will be in control of your life and free to do whatever you want.

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