how to get your little sister to shut up

How to Get Your Little Sister to Shut Up

Sisters are lovely, but you still should know how to get your little sister to shut up. When you get your sister to be quiet, you enjoy some calm and focus on whatever you are doing.

Growing up, my little sister, nicknamed Motor Mouth, was always annoying. I loved her nonetheless, but she could be annoying most of the time. Moreover, we shared a room, and she will talk until I doze off.

The truth is that you can’t make your sister shut up, except you are going to duct-tape her mouth. Getting even your big sister to shut up can only worsen the situation. So, the best practice is to ignore or stay away from their sight.

Although you may be pissed, do not tell your sister to shut up. If you are still a teenager, your parents may not be OK with it. A big sister may react fiercely if you tell them to shut up.

How to Get Your Little Sister to Shut Up

When your sister is becoming too annoying and refuses to shut up, avoid the situation if you can. If you can’t condone further, below are the ways to get your sister to shut up:

Tell her you’re doing your homework

She may be aware that she’s annoying but refuses to hold back. Instead of giving in to her temptation, say politely that you are busy with your homework.

Do not seem pissed, but be polite while informing her that she’s giving you a tough time to focus.

You can say the following to your little or big sister:

Excuse me, sis. I must do my homework now


Sis, you’re making it difficult for me to focus on this homework, and it’s not commendable


Can we discuss this after I complete my assignment?


Look, I do not have the time for the conversation, as you can see. I have to complete my homework in the next few minutes.

We can talk later!

You can tell your annoying sister to save the story for later. Explain to her that you are not interested because you must concentrate on getting some work done.

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If your little or big sister hesitates, insist that you are not interested in the topic. Suppose you are not doing the work immediately; start doing something else to keep her from boring you. She may not realize immediately that you are not ready for the conversation but will walk away, eventually feeling defeated.

Regardless of what your sister may say, do not respond harshly.

Ask Her a Difficult Question

If your little sister wouldn’t shut up, ask her a difficult question to force her to do some research. When I lived with my parents and siblings, asking my annoying sister difficult questions always shut her up.

If she attempts to find out the answer from me, I ignore and remind her that she’s supposed to find the answer.

If you reply to your sister or give her clues, it encourages her not to shut up, and she’ll continue pestering for the answer.

Use headphones, earbuds, or earplugs

If you have nothing to do and your sister would not shut up, wear your earplugs, headphones, or earbuds. Stream your favorite audios or videos online. Suppose you quarreled with your big sister, close your door, and lock up if possible.

When she finds that you have your ears covered, she feels defeated and would work away.

Make sure to get back to your sister unless she pissed your life out.

Give her some time

If your sister only needs your contribution to something and did not annoy you, give her some time. I understand that it’s your buy time, but you can spare about 15 minutes of the time.

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However, you must time her and do not exceed the duration. Get your big or little sister to agree to the time and set a timer.

Give all the attention to her for a few minutes and remind her of the ticking or counting timer. Be precise with your responses and answer your sister’s questions to the best of your knowledge.

Send her to parents

Although you may owe your sister the attention, you did not give birth to her. If she demands the attention you can’t afford at the moment, refer her to your parents or relatives in the house.

However, if your sister is annoying you, ask her to meet your parents or any responsible adult to reconcile your differences. She might be bugging you for an apology, which you feel she doesn’t deserve.

If your parents refuse to intervene, you can convince your mom to accept to instruct your sister to leave you alone.

Leave the House

If you are a teenager, you can use your sister’s annoyance as one of the excuses for sneaking out of the house.

When your parents return, explain that you couldn’t bear the hurt of sharing the house with a boring sister.

How to Annoy Your Sister to Shut Up

Below are the annoying ways to shut your sister up:

Ignore, ignore, and ignore

If you had a fight with your sister, and she will not apologize (if she’s at fault), ignore her. You may report to your parents or a responsible adult to reconcile your differences.

Moreover, you can walk out on her or fake a phone call. Laugh out loud during the phone call and fake saying that you’re the happiest human at the moment. When your sister overhears you say, “You’re the happiest at the moment,” it shuts her up angrily.

Scream her away

You can scream your sister away, but do not hit her to avoid a fight. After screaming your sister off, ignore whatever she says, and she’ll shut up when she notices it.

You may add the following lines:

Gosh, you talk a lot, don’t you?


Where do you get all the energy to talk, talk, talk?

She will feel embarrassed and reluctant to say a word.

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Tell her to see the doctor

To annoy your big sister to shut up, tell her to see the doctor. Add that if she doesn’t mind, you can help her call the doctor.

Make sure not to stand near her because she might hit you for hurting her with the statement. If she’s your big sister, do not tell her to see the doctor; it’s insulting.

Tell her you don’t care

Regarding how to get your sister to shut up, you can say that she is the least of her worries. By saying she’s the least of your concerns, you’re implying that you’re not moved by whatever she’s doing. It will annoy her; she’ll shut up and walk away.

Should You Get Your Sister to Shut Up?

No. Unless your sister deserves being muted, you should not get her to shut up. It is important to be patient, tolerant, kind, and compassionate to your big or little sister.

How Your Sister Feels When You Shut Her Up

While you get your sister to shut up, understand that you hurt her deeply, depending on circumstance. For instance, if you quarreled with your big sister, getting her to shut up forces her to rethink how she ended up your sister. She hates you and would keep important information from you unless you apologize, her fault or not.

After some minutes of shutting up a sister, talk to them and explain that you were unhappy. Promise to reconcile or listen to her next time instead of forcing her to shut up.

Final Thoughts

Before you get your little or big sister to shut up, make sure the odds are not against you. If she deserves to be heard out, give her the attention. Suppose she needs your apology, do not hesitate to apologize amidst the heat.

Finally, if you manage to feel comfortable after getting your big sister to shut up, endeavor to reunite or get back to her sooner.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in getting a brother to shut up too.

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