How to tell if your husband thinks you’re fat

It’s generally difficult to know what your partner thinks, especially concerning a sensitive topic like weight and body image. Fortunately, you can tell if your husband thinks you’re fat with some signs. Note that these signs that make you think “I feel too fat for my husband” do not mean your husband does not find you attractive or is critical of you. Remember that we all have different perceptions and opinions, so focus on your self-worth and self-acceptance instead of attempting to do what pleases other people.

How to tell if your husband thinks you’re fat

Below are signs that may indicate your husband thinks you are fat:


1. Addressing you by weight-related names

When he addresses you with unusual nicknames like ‘fat’ and ‘big wife’, your husband thinks you are fat.

In most cases, it is emotionally hurtful when someone, especially your husband, calls you obese. Make sure to talk to him about it, and remember that nobody has the right over your looks. Nevertheless, if you decide to get back at him, the best method is to tell him you prefer your looks or make changes to your habit without informing him.


2. He tells you to stop carbs

Carbohydrates do not make you fat. However, eating too many calories and having too little activity cause weight gain, Marjorie Nolan on Sharcare. Carbohydrate breaks down into simple sugars, the main one being glucose. Glucose is the primary fuel of your body.

Now, suppose you ask for a burger, and your husband says “you shouldn’t eat such”, he thinks you’re adding a few pounds.

Some partners communicate indirectly since they find it difficult to tell you about their opinion of your weight.

3. He no longer takes you places with him

Your husband wouldn’t want to take you to office dinners or parties if he thinks you have gained weight. It is possible that he feels embarrassed around you and about your looks. If your husband behaves this way towards you, then weight gain might be an issue.


4. He no longer finds you attractive

“Fat women experience both the stigma of unattractiveness…,” according to Christine A. Smith referenced in the Livescience publication. That means that when someone gains weight, they tend to be unattractive. This is also evident among some couples, where partners start losing interest due to weight gain.

Your husband might as well begin to lose interest in your intimate life, which is a sign that he thinks you’re overweight. Slim people are frequently attracted to other thin people—Vox. Thus, your husband can find intimacy boring when you gain a lot of weight.

5. Husband gets you smaller-sized clothes

When your husband gets you clothes in smaller sizes than your actual size, He is telling you to lose weight. He knows that size is not for you, so he wants you to have them on and see for yourself the need to shape down into it.

6. Praises your older photo looks

He finds your old photos and compliments you on how attractive you looked. Most of the time, you will find him making friendly statements like “you looked so cute here”. He may even ask rhetorical questions like “don’t you think these are attractive?” All these are signs that he would appreciate it if you slim down. But remember that it’s up to you to decide what you want with your body.

7. Invites you to join him in exercises

If your husband suddenly suggests you join him for workouts, he is making it very clear that you need to take care of your health.

If you want to get in shape, don’t do it for anyone but yourself. If your husband is genuinely disturbed by your fatness but won’t say it, it means he loves you for who you are and would appreciate it if you make changes without him telling you about it. Nevertheless, do not belittle your relationship by allowing issues of weight gain to come in the way.

Moreover, obesity could lead to health issues, so you should try to shed weight for your own good. Communication is an integral key to a good relationship is communication. If you think your weight issue makes you uncomfortable and your husband is refusing to open up, talk to him about it.

8. A gym membership out of the blue

Someone buying you a gym membership is giving you the potential for achieving better health—Battle Ground Fitness Gym.

If your husband registers you in a gym without your consent, that’s an indirect sign he wants you to work out and lose weight. Though going to the gym can be exhausting and difficult, it is one way to keep fit. Note that you have the final say over your body, and not your husband’s. His is just an opinion.

9. A sudden change in diet

An overweight significant other is not only compromising their health but may also be compromising the physical attraction and intimacy in their marriage. Perhaps, your husband understands that it’s not okay to ask you to lose weight for him, especially if it’s simply for the sake of weight loss.

He might then indirectly try to influence your meal choices by suddenly changing his diet and hoping you’d do the same. He believes that this action alone is enough to influence your eating habit, and also sends a message that you need to work on your body. Note that you don’t have to accept the new eating habit if you are not comfortable with it.

10. He tells you ‘fat’ to your face

Your husband may find a way to voice his concerns about your weight either calmly or during an argument. There are several cases where people have shared complaints like “my husband called me fat during an argument”, “my husband calls me fat everyday,” “my husband calls me fat and lazy,” etc.

If you’ve experienced being called fat during an argument with your significant other, it could mean he has had the thought of resentment for a long time and just accidentally spilled it. If your husband only suddenly started calling you fat every day, whether jokingly or not, he means it, even though it’s just his opinion. If your husband calls you fat and lazy, that’s extreme (like every other) of him and could indicate a problem with your relationship.

What do you do when your husband thinks your fat?

This is going to be direct. With your husband, you are a team. However, like some men, he probably wants you to live healthier by changing your health goals to help your attractiveness. Even though these things put your life together, it’s up to you to make that decision. Note that nobody can body shame you, even if you’re overweight. If your husband finds you unattractive, that’s his opinion.

If your husband is expecting you to get in shape while he is not, that is a completely different story. You have grounds to question him about his weight and make your demands of him slimming down.

All in all, your partner should not be the reason to get yourself in shape. Realistically, however, if he finds you unattractive, he might tend to drift away from you, especially outdoors. If you notice this sign, you might have to rethink whether you’re respected or loved in your relationship.

Working to change your body will restore your attractiveness, as well as make you feel awesome about yourself. But you can’t make your decision all about the man. Do not allow yourself to live in terror of gaining your curves back and your husband making you feel less of yourself. Besides, as you grow older, it’ll be difficult to meet these weight norms to keep him attracted.

Thus, if your husband can’t be attracted to your body now, he won’t in the near future.

Ultimately, if you ever feel comfortable beginning a weight loss journey, start by moving to healthy meal options and light exercises. Consider contacting a professional to guide you on what practices are important for your health. Make your husband your workout buddy to help encourage and keep you motivated.

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